19 Unconscious Daily Activities Make You Healthier, Better And More Productive

Simple Daily Activities to be Healthier and More Productive – There are so many ways to live healthier, better, and more productive. Going to the gym, eat expensive food, vacation abroad, etc. Do you know if some of your daily activities are perfect tools to improve your health? Here are some of your daily activities that can unconsciously improve your health and life.

How to Live healthy Easily

A healthier life can be done in a way that many people don’t think. You can try this easy way to live healthier every day so that your life is better and more productive.

19 Unconscious Daily Activities Make You Healthier, Better And More Productive

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  1. A good night’s sleep really helps the body to carry out activities during the day. Those who have a bad night’s sleep will not be able to do activities during the day we’ll. So that a night’s sleep is the main requirement so that you have a healthier and better life. Find sleep-inducing foods to help you drowsy faster.
  2. Going further when leaving for work is better than when using a vehicle. You can park a longer distance then walk to the office. Or you can get off the bus at a stop further than before then walk towards the office. In this way, you will indirectly make the body exercise on foot.
  3. If you are a housewife or work at home you can start the day by cleaning in the house. As if you were warming up or exercising in the morning by doing other work simultaneously.
  4. Prefer wheat bread to white bread because wheat bread has more fiber. Fiber is very important for the digestive system because it slows down the absorption of sugar. So you don’t feel hungry easily and eat too much and avoid many calories in the body.
  5. Drink water in the right dose. Water balance in the body is very helpful for getting energy. Even some fitness experts say you can reduce weight if you drink before eating.
  6. Using stairs is much better than using an elevator because this way you build muscle and burn calories. Climbing stairs besides burning calories can also reduce anxiety and even strengthen bones.
  7. Washing hands with water and soap regularly, especially when eating, can kill bacteria that can cause infection. This is the simplest way to avoid the entry of diseases caused by bacteria.
  8. If you work more sitting than moving, use your rest time by walking several distances to relax the muscles. If you do this method within a few weeks to months, from some experience, you can lose weight and make your body slimmer.
  9. Taking a deep breath and then releasing it slowly in a certain amount can help you to release stress or feeling depressed. This easy way can help you be calmer and focused even you can do it anywhere and anytime.
  10. Replace sweets and fatty snacks that are within your reach with low-calorie ones such as fruit, nuts or those foods without weight gain.
  11. Drinking plenty of water before drinking coffee can make you more fit and powerful.
  12. Having high-protein breakfast food like a mixture of oats and fruit can make you more energetic, passionate throughout the day.
  13. Regular night’s sleep with a certain schedule can avoid insomnia and wake up on time and refresh.
  14. Wear sunglasses when you are in the hot sun both while exercising outdoors or walking around.
  15. So also use sunblock and moisturizer when you are outdoors which is very hot and dry especially during the summer.
  16. Gathering with friends can make you more cheerful sharing stories and reducing tension because of work and routine.
  17. Add olive oil to your dish or salad to make your eating menu healthier.
  18. Add low-fat meat fish vegetables to your daily diet so that your body’s metabolism works properly will avoid the risk of disease.
  19. Watching tv or listening to music can be done while exercising or walking on the spot to avoid accumulating calories in the body.
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