Hemorrhoid and Eggs : What Effect To Piles if Eating Egg

Understand the correlation between eating chicken or duck egg with hemorrhoids pain. Whether it is making your piles worse or better. And you know will how to consume egg during hemorrhoid pain.

Hemorrhoid and Eggs – If you are suffering from or have experienced hemorrhoids before, you probably already know that this disease is surely painful and uncomfortable. This disease does not always have to go to the next level which can make you feel disturbed.

How Suffering from Hemorrhoids Before Consuming egg

However, there are many hemorrhoid sufferers who become more stressed when they are suffering from hemorrhoids or piles. Many of them feel like the most uncomfortable symptoms on the bottom of hemorrhoid is when the sufferers use the toilet.

Hemorrhoid and Eggs : The Relationship Between Them

It can be very painful when they are defecating. Some of the hemorrhoid sufferers even experience bleeding when they use the toilet.

If there is no pain or bleeding, many of the hemorrhoid sufferers think that they do not have to go to a doctor.

They will endure it until they feel like it is painful enough so that they need to see the doctor. But, what is hemorrhoid exactly?

Diet Consideration During Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a swollen vein. It consists of 2 types; internal hemorrhoid and external hemorrhoid. Internal hemorrhoid is located inside the anus or lower rectum, while the external is outside or above the anus surface.

There are some causes of the disease, such as pregnancy, genetics, standing or sitting for too long, mistakes while doing particular exercises such as weightlifting, and many more. But hemorrhoid is mainly caused by a bad dietary habit.

So, when a person is suffering from this disease, they will be suggested to change their dietary habits to the healthier one first before getting any medication or treatment.

What to Consume To Prevent Hemorrhoids Pain

So, in order not to make hemorrhoids even more severe, hemorrhoid sufferers should be more concerned about what they consume. You must take attention to what foods should avoid for hemorrhoids unless getting worse.

They must consume remedy foods that can relieve the symptoms and disease and avoid the foods that can trigger the disease.

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Many people are curious about the relation between hemorrhoids and eggs. They are wondering whether hemorrhoid sufferers can eat egg on piles or not.

The Consequence of Consuming Eggs in Hemorrhoids

Is Egg good for piles? Eggs are one of the food ingredients that come to our minds when it comes to a practical and quick breakfast. Eggs are healthy.

They are able to provide a great amount of protein, rich in amino acids, and also a good source of various minerals and vitamins.

The essential amino acid contained in eggs is really good for the brain and nervous system.

Eggs also have moderate calorie content, fat, and cholesterol that can contribute to the health of your body if you consume it in a proper amount.

However, there are many people who do not know whether eggs are good or bad for hemorrhoids or piles, gastritis, irritation bowel syndrome, and other digestive problems.

Despite the arguments about eggs contain high calories, generally, eating eggs is safe for hemorrhoid. In other words, eggs are not bad for those who are suffering from hemorrhoids.

You can read the explanation of whether eating a duck egg is good for piles of not.

How Eating Eggs During Hemorrhoids

Believe it or not, eggs are good for conditions that are related to the digestive system, from gastritis, hemorrhoid, to irritation bowel syndrome. What needs to be highlighted is you have to consume it in moderation.

Do not consume eggs too much. Limit the consumption of eggs if you are suffering from hemorrhoids or other digestive problems because as it is said before, eggs are extremely rich in protein that can lead to bowel difficulty, somehow.

Actually, it is safe to consume eggs for hemorrhoid sufferers because this food ingredient is the least to likely cause constipation or stomach ache that can make hemorrhoids even more severe.

But, there is nothing wrong if some of the hemorrhoid sufferers prefer not to consume eggs at all when they are getting hemorrhoid with the argument that eggs are low in fiber.

Food to Avoid in Hemorrhoids

The trick to reduce and relieve the hemorrhoids pain is by preventing constipation. Constipation is one of the worst triggers that can make hemorrhoids becomes more painful and more severe.

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So, eating foods that can help you to defecate is able to prevent constipation and reduce the pain of hemorrhoids, especially when you are using the toilet. Consume foods that contain enough fibers.

Fiber is also good for hemorrhoids that able to soften your tools so that you will not feel any pain when you defecate. On the other hand, not consuming enough fiber will make the symptoms of hemorrhoid even worse and severe.

Foods that are low in fibers are including cakes, cookies, white rice, white bread, fish, meat, and dairy products.

Best Diet for Piles

If you want to heal or at least relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoid, you must consume foods which contain enough fibers. Such as oatmeals, wheat bread, and brown rice.

Do not forget to increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. You can find the answer whether chicken good or bad for piles.

If you consume fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes, it will be better if you consume those fruits with the skin. It is because most fibers, minerals, and vitamins are contained in the fruit skin.

Doctors and health experts agree that consuming foods which contain more fiber can give a positive impact on the symptoms of hemorrhoid and also other digestive systems.

Best Home Remedy Treatment

Moreover, because straining on the toilet is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids, avoiding constipation and straining is able to be really helpful in reducing and relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Change your dietary habits to the healthier one, drink more water, keep active, manage your stress well, and have a proper sleep and rest.

If you do those things regularly, it is possible to heal hemorrhoids and other digestive problems without any medication or medical treatment.

If you experience bleeding hemorrhoids or have blood clots when you are using the toilet, do not get panicked.

You just need to directly call your doctor and make an appointment within 48 hours before the infection and pain increase.

Because the pain and infection caused by bleeding hemorrhoids will escalate after 48 hours. You also have to consult the doctor if hemorrhoids and the symptoms do not get any better for a long time.

The doctor of your hemorrhoids pain will do a medical examine and prescribe you for further medical treatment or medication.

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