How Hemorrhoids Affect Bowel Movements? Correlation Hemorrhoid and Defecating

Perhaps you who are suffering from this disease and wondering “how hemorrhoids affect bowel movements? We will see how the bowel pattern in those who suffer internal and external hemorrhoids.

how hemorrhoids affect bowel movements

How are Hemorrhoids Formed

Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins in the anus or lower rectum, whose form can be seen visually or not. Hemorrhoids are basically a normal formation consisting of blood vessels, muscle tissue and related skin tissue.

But in certain people, enlargement of the veins can cause discomfort while performing daily activities. And one of them is when defecating. In fact there are some people who feel difficult to defecate when suffering from hemorrhoids, as if the stool can not come out properly seem it is being blocked by hemorrhoids.

This How Hemorrhoid Can Affect Bowel Movement

How hemorrhoids affect bowel movements? Hemorrhoids can affect bowel movement when there is a restriction of blood flow due to constant pressure on the anus, so that the blood vessels become inflamed. When an abnormal blood flow causes blood clotting, the patient will feel pain and swelling of the blood vessels and disrupt the intestinal movement.

Because hemorrhoids are often felt pain by the sufferer either while moving, sitting even while pushing when defecating. So there is also a psychological condition to push when defecating. As if the stool is hard to get out, but you have to remove the stool due to stomach chills.

Can Hemorrhoids Prevent Bowel Movements?

In certain cases such as if your internal hemorrhoids form very large like grapes, it may be able to inhibit bowel movements. And you should see a doctor for hemorrhoids. On other case, you will still be able to defecate, but will be accompanied by a slight sensation in the rectum when the stool at the end of the canal, such as pain, sore, burning sensation. You can try to relieve hemorrhoid pain with natural home remedy or some medicine.

How To Have A Bowel Movement With Hemorrhoids

If you want to defecate by reducing the pain of the canal, then you should choose foods that contain lots of fiber and water. Or consume the types of these two substances. You need to avoid food and drink that cause hemorrhoid to flare up.

You can also consume drugs that can soften your stools. So you do not have to push too hard to get the feces out, and can reduce the pain in the canal.

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