How Long Does IBS Last? What Should I Do With It?

How Long Does Irritable Bowel Syndrome Last?
What To Do For Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

How Long IBS Last and How It Feel?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a gastrointestinal disease that is taking place in the long term. However, IBS can flare up, usually within 2 to 4 days. But there is also up to 1 week.

What is IBS pain or flare up like? IBS flare up or pain is like abdominal pain, a full stomach, cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, watery, loose stools. But every patient experienced a different flare ups. There are some people who have IBS flare up with symptoms of nausea, accompanied by headache and diarrhea.

But there are also some people feel pain in the ribs accompanied by abdominal bloating and cramping. Even sometimes they feel difficult to breathe normally or shortness of breath. When a person gets IBS disorder, they tend to be difficult to sleep soundly at night

Can IBS last for a week or months? Yes, there are some IBS patients who feels the flare up is on to reach three weeks to 1 month. But within a few days the conditions is improved, after that IBS flares up again.

The severe IBS attack symptoms is followed by the amount of gas in the stomach and cramps. With this condition, you must consider to make appointment with your doctor to have a clear explanation.

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Patients will feel very exhausted and pale. In these conditions, the patient will often go to the toilet to remove feces and relieve stomach feels full of gas.

Next, the IBS symptoms will show improvement or go away altogether. Signs and symptoms of IBS will be different for each person. It depends on various factors. The patient’s ability to control the lifestyle and diet, are known to reduce the symptoms of IBS

What Happen If I Have a Long-Term IBS

Although IBS often makes the patient becomes uncomfortable and suffering, this disease does not cause other chronic diseases. IBS arise and the loss in the long term that can make the patient suffer because of the low quality of life.

Sometimes in certain people, IBS can trigger signs and symptoms in other part of body parts such as :

  • Pain in joints
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Headache
  • Nausea

Do I Need to Visit Doctor If IBS Last for Long?

Some people who just suffered Irritable Bowel Syndrome usually are wondering about how long this Irritable Bowel Syndrome lasts. Then the symptoms usually will completely go away or will improve.

If the symptoms completely go away you may not need any treatment. But if the symptoms don’t go after few days then you may see doctor to get treatment so that your Irritable Bowel Syndrome won’t get worse.

How to Deal with IBS

The best way to avoid the onset of signs and symptoms of IBS is to find out the cause of IBS. In this way someone will know what to do to not suffer all the time.

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Dietary factors take on an important role in IBS symptoms. You should remember the types of foods that can trigger IBS. Intolerant to certain foods you should avoid. Milk, gluten should not be your daily diet when it causes flatulence, although it is known contains substances that are important for the body.

Because of a lot of experience, those who suffer from IBS can reduce the signs and symptoms by adjusting their lifestyle and diet. The use of drugs is only required when in emergency.

You must understand how you can deal with Irritable Bowel Syndrome especially at your work place. Bring your medications wherever you go, especially to your work place. It is also important to tell one or your friends at work that you suffer Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

We’re sure you have sympathetic and trusted friend or even boss you can share the feeling about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome you have. Many people can be very supportive, so you must be honest with boss or supervisor. Let him know that you have an IBS but you don’t have to give too many details.

Watch How to Treat IBS Naturally Video

But if you are suffering from a disease that makes you suffer more, visit the doctor and get instructions on how to treat irritable bowel syndrome, that is a wise move. The doctor will perform some important steps to diagnose IBS and its causes.

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