How Much Turmeric To Take For Arthritis? : Reviews and Recipe

It is believed that taking herbal medicine is much better than getting yourself indulged by the doctor’s recipe. The side effects of taking medicine can be very bad for you in the long run. Turmeric is one of the alternatives of herbal medicine that can give benefits to your body.

For you who suffer from arthritis, turmeric is said to be helpful to try to help you out in dealing with the painful symptoms. Arthritis itself is quite a painful disease that can happen to your joints.

The tenderness and swelling in the joints are usually the symptoms that you can’t deny. It is painful and sure it will not just go away.

Some Causes of Arthritis

There are so many factors that can cause this disease. One of them is because of genes or family history. If your parents have arthritis, it is more likely that you will develop arthritis.

Exposure to the environment may trigger this disease to develop. Your age is also one of the factors that can trigger the disease. This type of disease increases as you age.

Besides age, your lifestyle and weight gain can cause this disease. People who are obese carry excess pounds and it put stress on the joints, especially your hips, knee arthritis, and spine. So, arthritis can develop and the risk is high.

Will It Help To Take Turmeric For Your Arthritis?

The research is still going on, however, some people found relieving feeling after taking turmeric or the extract that is in the shape of the capsule.

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Turmeric is proven can reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride level and that can lessen the symptoms of the joint swelling and morning stiffness.

Even though it is herbal, there will be a limitation that you need to know. You may have this question about how much turmeric to take for arthritis.

How Much Turmeric Curcumin To Take For Arthritis

It is recommended that you take less than 8 grams a day as it can cause stomach upset if you take too much in the long run. Turmeric also contains anti-inflammation that is good to lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

We know that painful feeling in the joint is not so comfortable. You can take the turmeric naturally or you can take a supplement. Same as the other medicine, it is important to take it by the right dosage to avoid any side effects on your body and health for sure. You must want a good result for your health and feel no pain.

Turmeric For Arthritis Side Effects

There are few studies that focus on turmeric in association with arthritis. The effect of taking turmeric is mostly about losing body weight.

This should be okay for you who also need to shed some kilos, however, this might not be suitable for the lean people. Not all people like to lose weight in this case as gaining weight is also hard work for some people.

Also, consider that factor before taking this as your medicine. It is important to get yourself checked and consult your doctor to get all of the certain medical conditions and get the receipt for how much turmeric to take for arthritis.

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