Hydrogen Peroxide for Warts Removal Treatment: How To Use

Can you use hydrogen peroxide for a wart?. Is hydrogen peroxide good for warts? Hydrogen peroxide for warts is known as one of the most unexpected removal treatments. First of all, you need to understand what the condition is. Generally, warts are small growths appear on your skin or on the genital part. It does not cause pain but some cases reported that it can lead to itchiness that could end up hurt the patient. The most painful place to have warts is on foot.

Hydrogen Peroxide for Warts Removal Treatment

Types of Warts

Five types of warts have known until today. Common warts commonly show up on hands. The ones that appear on the forehead and face are called flat warts. If the growths appear on genitals then it is called condyloma or genital warts.

Genital warts also appear between the thighs and pubic area. Plantar warts are the ones you find on your feet while subungual and periungual warts are found around nails.

Symptoms and Causes of Warts

Before jumping on hydrogen peroxide for warts, you should know the cause. The symptom is the wart itself. The main cause is HPV or human papillomavirus. Since there are more than 100 HPV types, this thing can grow on any part of your body.

The most common HPV type shows up on hands and fingers while other types may show the symptom on rectal and genital areas. On the other hand, some people resist HPV viruses better than others.

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How To Remove Warts With Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the natural remedies to get rid of warts is by using hydrogen peroxide. Plantar warts would disappear pretty quickly if you apply hydrogen peroxide. You need to soak your foot in warm water for about 10 minutes or more. It will help to soften your affected skin.

After that, you need to shave off the most out of the dead skin cells so you can see the wart’s center part. To shave off the dead skin, you can use an emery board or pumice stone. After the skin is shaved, dab hydrogen peroxide by using a swab or cotton ball on the wart. Hydrogen peroxide will burn the wart on your skin.

Does hydrogen peroxide kill wart virus? In some cases, hydrogen peroxide can disinfection to deactivate the virus.

Let it sits there for 15 minutes and then you can use a bandage to cover it. This ritual can be done every day until the wart falls off your skin.

Alternatives Natural Remedies for Warts

If you are dealing with warts, you can try tea tree oil on the common wart. You should apply the oil directly on warts a few times per day. The treatment should be done every day until warts fall off of your skin. It is also best to keep it covered when you do the treatment.

Garlic oil is also touted as a natural remedy to fight warts. You may need to slice the garlic and mix it with virgin olive oil to get rid of warts. Rub the mixture on the wart directly and wrap it with duct tape to take care of your skin in no time.

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Of course, you may need to see a doctor when the symptoms get untreatable or if it gets painful. However, you can try hydrogen peroxide for warts first.

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