The Ideal Sleep Duration Recommendations And Poor Quality Healthy Effect

What is the good healthy sleep length for every person? No wonder that optimal sleep is directly related to sleep duration, among many other factors. However, among other things, the quality of sleep is also decisively influenced by individual factors such as genetic predispositions, physical condition and last but not least, the mattress and its characteristics, as well as the age of the person. . Therefore, the optimal duration of sleep can be determined objectively only exceptionally and only with limitations.

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What Most Important Factor In Sleep Duration?

Despite all individual mental, physical and genetic conditions, there is one factor that inevitably controls optimal sleep duration: age. Generally speaking, the physical and mental need for sleep has declined throughout life and has increased again over the past two decades.

Normal Sleep Duration By Age

This development is most common in childhood. Babies sleep more than 14 hours, and sometimes up to 18 hours a day, and they are not prevented from doing so by adverse environmental conditions.

However, they are capable of regulating their sleep without distinguishing between night and day – meaning that most parents suffer greatly from the length and quality of sleep.

During adolescence, the need for sleep decreases initially significantly, then more slowly, until it stabilizes at about seven to eight hours, the average adult sleep time by retirement age.

Some studies even evolve for the rest of their lives, but they often ignore an important aspect: about sleep duration for adults, they focus only on nighttime sleep and ignore the fact that most older people allow them to rest during the day and sometimes have longer napes in the afternoon.

Different stages of sleep determine quality

In order to regenerate both physically and mentally and to accumulate resources for a longer awakening phase, the body has to go through all the different stages of sleep.

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The sleep and wake phases occur only once, while the other three – light, REM and deep sleep – repeat at shorter intervals about three to five times a night.

Deep sleep is especially important for physical recovery and REM sleep for mental and emotional recovery, while light sleep represents a relatively short transition between phases.

Optimal Sleep Duration and Quality

Optimal sleep duration and sleep quality better at night naturally depends, among other things, on the effectiveness of these phases of sleep. Very simply, a person’s performance can be perceived as an individual tank that is emptied during activity such as a tank and filled while sleeping in bed.

With a good sleep, a person passes through various stages quickly and undisturbed. According to the example above, this means that the water flows quickly and freely with a high flow. Interference, interruptions and other negative factors act as barriers, which ultimately leads to the fact that energy consumption cannot be changed for the same period of time.

It should also be noted that optimal sleep duration can only be achieved with a balance between deep and REM sleep. When an imbalance occurs, for example, through the use of psychotropic drugs, people either feel physically recovered and mentally exhausted or vice versa.

Sleep cannot be maintained or restored

Human performance is not a permanent “reservoir” but is subject to constant change. And one of the most important effects of this is sleep. It is not the right dose, and its interruption or absence inevitably or poor sleep quality leads to a certain reaction – a physiological increase in blood pressure and mood swings at the emotional level, in addition to mental fatigue.

Because of the complex process known as the “Internal Clock” and metabolic dependence – the rhythm of life – it is not possible to make up for it with full sleep beforehand or a longer rest later on. The amount of sleep required is related to the relatively short duration of the day. And they can only have a certain long-term effect. For example, the behavior wreaks havoc on self-control when the daily need for sleep is reduced or excessive, but only if the damage is corrected.

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What is the ideal sleep duration for a person?

The Ideal Sleep Duration Recommendations And Poor Quality Healthy Effect

There are many international studies and scientific observations that determine the normal sleep duration. One of the largest universities of California, San Diego, which surveyed nearly one million participants in over six years of sleep duration research. It concluded that the optimal sleep for people aged 18 to 64 years is: 7 to 8 hours of sleep time currently. The authors found increased cognitive, and creative performance in most subjects. Many hours of sleep increases the overall risk of diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

There are some sleep duration questionnaire about length of sleep, such: “is 6.5 hours of sleep enough”, “is 6 hours of sleep enough“.

But the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation affect overall metabolism, susceptibility to heart disease and circulatory system. More important are emotional state and physical and mental abilities.

However, these results should not be strictly followed when considering individual sleep needs. Since this is basically a statistical analysis, the general needs are discussed.

Due to the large number of different parameters, efforts to determine a universally appropriate sleep schedule therefore square an ever-changing circle. as well as with some mathematical problems here only approximation is possible – with a certain degree of accuracy it is possible to say too much or too little.

However, it cannot be set and used internationally. The bed itself and its equipment greatly affect the amount of sleep required. It affects the quality and distribution of sleep stages.

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