Increasing Muscle Mass Without Harm To Your Health

Today, there are so many people around the world go in for sports, some are professional athletes, and some go to the gym and run in the morning to keep fit and improve their health. However, there are those who strive to make their body not only slim, but also embossed. There are many tips on the Internet that will help you achieve abs and big biceps in a matter of weeks, but how safe is it and will there be problems later? Let’s figure it out.
Increasing Muscle Mass Without Harm To Your Health

How to Increase Muscle Mass Without harm Yo Your Health

The first step is always recommend changing your diet and monitoring the amount of calories consumed and burned. This will help control progress; you can gain no more than 600-800 grams of muscle mass per week.

If we talk about nutrients, then the meals consumed during the day should be balanced, in other words, they should contain proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Before a workout, it is very important to eat 20-30 grams of protein in two to three hours, but fast carbohydrates (pastries, white rice, potatoes) should be discarded.

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There is a myth that fats are harmful, this is not entirely true: they provide the transport of substances in the body, so if you do not use them at all, then a deficiency of this element can lead to problems with the skin, as well as with internal organs. The daily allowance for fat is 20-30 percent of the total diet,

High Protein Diet Sport Nutrition Consideration

In order to quickly achieve the desired result, many athletes begin to use sports nutrition. Of course, this is one of the fastest and most effective ways to gain muscle mass in the shortest possible time, but manufacturers often keep silent about the dangers of protein powder, additional vitamins and carbohydrate-protein mixtures when advertising their products.

Many trainers believe that a high-protein diet (read more: High Protein Breakfast Foods) is a great option for weight loss and muscle building, but it should not be forgotten that an excess of this substance leads to osteoporosis (loss of calcium in the bones) and kidney failure.

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Amount Daily protein Intake

The daily protein intake for women is no more than 90 grams per day, for men – no more than 120 grams, if you do not follow the dosage, then side effects, unfortunately, are inevitable.

As for vitamins, the most common substance is L-carnitine, which is involved in energy metabolism and improves endurance.

In principle, it is safe on one condition: the manufacturer must be conscientious and not add the substance sibutramine to carnitine, which negatively affects the cardiovascular system.

Carbohydrate-protein mixtures, gainers, are mainly suitable for thin people, since they contain creatine, which dramatically increases the mass of an athlete, while they help build muscle and contain a number of essential vitamins and trace elements, in other words, a portion of a gainer can replace one meal. There is another danger

Most importantly, trying to get an athletic figure, do not forget about the health of your body, which can suffer not only due to serious injuries and unreasonable loads, but also as a result of improper nutrition. Take care of yourself and then be sure to get the body of your dreams!

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