Injuries Of The Hand That You Should Aware of Getting Worse

Injuries to the hands can go unnoticed; however, enough attention must be paid to the symptoms.

There are so many diseases that many times we already lose count; However, all precautions must be taken. Therefore, to take care of your health, in the following article, we leave you a list of the most common injuries of the hand.

The pathologies of the hand usually have their origin in the repetition of the same hand and finger movements for long periods of time. That is, inflammation occurs in the tendons and nerves.

So, to learn more about diseases and injuries of the hand, then we leave you the most frequent medical consultations. Attentive and take note!

#1 Synovial cysts

These are tumors that frequently appear on the wrist and hand. Meanwhile, the cause is unknown, but they are linked to biomechanical joint disorders or weakness of the forearm muscles, often in response to (IAP) intra-articular pressure.

It develops as a result of degenerative alterations with aging.

#2 Carpal tunnel syndrome

This disease is characterized by numbness, tingling, or numbness of the thumb, index, middle, and middle of the ring finger. Also, as it progresses, it can cause loss of sensation, strength, and significant discomforts that increase overnight.

It should be mentioned that, when not given due importance, the muscles of the base of the thumb can weaken or atrophy irreversibly. It is observed more in women.

#3 Dupuytren’s disease

It is important to highlight that this disease emerges as fibrosis in the palm of the hand. Initially, there is an irregularity in the skin or a hard nodule with or without discomfort.

It can also progress towards the fingers in the form of ropes that are palpated and that, over time, promote progressive and irreversible retraction and closure of the phalanges.

#4 The finger in spring

This condition is also known as a “trigger finger” that is stuck in bending and, when straightened, causes a pain. It is a pathology where one of the fingers locks in a bent position. It can be straightened with force, producing the sensation of spring (hence its name). If this occurs as a repetition, causing stiffness or blockage, you must consult the specialist.

#5 Thumb Rizarthrosis

This is very common and occurs with pain in “pincer” activities such as opening jars or twisting. In some patients, there is deformation at the base of this finger. Joint surfaces are altered, cartilage is lost, and therefore there is deformity, pain, reduced force, and limitation of thumb movements when making the clamp (unscrewing bottles, twisting grates, opening doorknobs, among others). It is often more common in women.

Finally, it is crucial that, before any strange sensation or pain in the hands, go to a specialist to diagnose the cause and perform the appropriate treatment.

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