Internal Hemorrhoids Signs & Symptoms and Treatments Options

How to get rid of internal hemorrhoids is one treatment that most sufferer need to know. But in order to find the right treatment option, you should know the sign and the symptom of this disease. See this video what will happen when a doctor is treating a hemorrhoid

Internal Hemorrhoids Signs, Symptom And Treatment

Hemorrhoids are swelling of the skin caused by clots in the blood vessels in the rectum. Although hemorrhoids are not always swelling, but generally will look bigger. Another characteristic is the wall of the anus become stretched skin, inflamed, irritation from the stool out.

There are two types of hemorrhoids, external and internal hemorrhoids. Talking about the internal one, there are some internal hemorrhoid symptoms that you need to see. We also have some optional treatments to heal this sort of hemorrhoid. Knowing the symptoms, you will also see when you should meet doctor and knowing the treatments, you will also see what type of treatment that you prefer.

Internal Hemorrhoids Symptoms

There are some internal hemorrhoids signs and symptoms that you need to pay attention to. They include:

  • Irritation or itching in anal region
  • A mucus like covering to stool
  • Painless bleeding occurs during bowel movements. Small amounts of red blood can be visible in the toilet bowl or toilet paper
  • Swelling around anus
  • Pain or discomfort in anal area
  • Leakage of feces
  • Lump near anus that can be painful and sensitive

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Internal Hemorrhoids Treatments

There are basically two types of internal hemorrhoids treatment, i.e. natural and medical. The natural treatments include:

Natural Internal Hemorrhoids Treatments

  • Having warm bath with witch hazel. Alternatively, you can experience a long soak with 20 drops of juniper and lavender essential oils. Make sure that the bathwater is well mixed with the oils. You can mix it manually with your hands.
  • Keeping the anal area clean is a must for those who suffer from internal hemorrhoids. But remember, you should clean it with the softest toilet paper. It must be fragrant and color free. Also use moistened pads that are soaked in the witch hazel.
  • Having a compress is another alternative of getting rid of hemorrhoids. Hold a compress that is soaked in a strong cold black tea against the pain area for a few minutes. Do this treatment several times a day whenever needed.

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Medical Internal Hemorrhoids Treatments

If you need more practical treatments, you can take one of these internal hemorrhoids medical treatments, including:

  • Rubber band ligation. This is the most commonly used treatment. Place small elastic band around the internal hemorrhoid base in order to cut off the blood supply. With the cut supply, hemorrhoid will fall away within a week.
  • Infrared coagulation.
    This non-surgical procedure is popular for its success rate in getting rid of small to medium hemorrhoids. The treatment is done by exposing hemorrhoid to infrared light leading to scar or coagulate. The blood flow is reduced that make the hemorrhoid fall.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy.
    It is a surgical procedure to remove hemorrhoids. It is only applied for the higher grades (third- or fourth-degree) of internal hemorrhoids with or without external components and with severe signs and symptoms. With this internal hemorrhoids surgery treatment, the hemorrhoids will be clamped and cut off.
  • Laser treatment.
    This is a new medical treatment that makes use of electric current that provides chemical reactions. These reactions will disrupt the blood flow to hemorrhoid. In this condition, the inflamed hemorrhoid tissue will be reduced in size. The final goal of this treatment is to make the hemorrhoid fall away.
  • Sclerotherapy.
    This type of treatment procedure of internal hemorrhoids is suggested when the hemorrhoids are smaller in dimension and size or when they are in the first- or second-degree. This treatment consists of injecting a chemical substance into the base of hemorrhoid. This will close the affected vein of hemorrhoids so that blood flow to that area is stopped. Taking this treatment, hemorrhoids will be commonly recovered in approx 7 to 10 days.

Video Hemorrhoids Treatment by Doctor You Must See

Take time to see this important video how a doctor treat a hemorrhoids :

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