Is Banana Good for Piles?

Is banana good for piles? When you are suffered from piles or hemorrhoids, there are indeed some foods they are forbidden to consume. However, some others are even really recommended for their ability to help you to recover faster.

One of the recommended foods is banana? Generally, banana is indeed known to smooth the process of defecating. Even for normal people, banana should be consumed once or twice per day for the healthier digestive system.  This kind of foods to prevent constipation and hemorrhoids worse and more painful.

Ripe Banana

Is Banana Good for Piles?

The use of banana to heal hemorrhoids was once controversial for many people. Why? It is because the fruit itself actually also contains a substance namely amylase that can give side effects including constipation. However, amylase is only found in raw bananas.

The riper the fruit is the level of amylase content is getting less and less. On the other hand, the riper banana is, the contents of sugar and fiber are also getting higher.

Based on that fact, it is clear enough what type of banana to consume by hemorrhoid patients. It must the ripe one. Banana even works better for the disease when it is riper. So, is banana good for piles? The answer is yes.

Consult Your Doctor First

Due to the controversy also, it is still suggested for you to go to a doctor to diagnose your hemorrhoid and how severe it is.

There are some types of hemorrhoids that are able to heal only by consuming fruits and vegetables including ripe banana. However, the more severe the disease is, there must be some medical treatments to take.

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You are even avoided to consume certain foods that are originally not bad for your hemorrhoids. Yes, medical treatments indeed require you to consume medicines that sometimes cannot be consumed alongside with some types of foods.

Banana for Recovery

In a case your hemorrhoid is severe; you may undergo surgery and other treatments. So, wait for it for several days until you are able to consume foods normally. When the day is coming, ripe bananas can be included in your daily menu anyway.

The content of fiber is undeniably quite much to help your digestive system to process other foods in a better way.

Of course, banana is not the only source of fiber. There are some other types of fruits, vegetables, and grain to consume for this disease.

For the exceptions, they are foods you must not eat when suffering hemorrhoids. Make sure to exercise well also. Anyway, is banana good for piles? It is definitely yes; the ripe one for sure.

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