Is Egg Good For Piles? Is It Healthy Diet for Hemorrhoid?

This is the explanation of whether the egg is good for piles or giving you a bad effect on your pain. You will also see what will happen if eating chicken white egg, boiled egg, raw egg, or duck egg to your health and hemorrhoids treatment.

Many people, especially hemorrhoid sufferers are curious about the egg is good for piles or not. Or they ask: “can eat egg in piles?” They are wondering about the relationship between hemorrhoids and eggs.

is egg good for piles?

Hemorrhoids and Diet

Hemorrhoid or piles is a condition where the blood vessels in the anus are swollen so that it causes pain when the sufferers are using the toilet.

Feeling uncomfortable when sitting or feeling pain when pooping is one of the symptoms felt by a person who is suffering from hemorrhoids. This disease is mainly caused by bad dietary habits.

But in several cases, hemorrhoids can be caused by mistakes in making movements in certain sports, for example in weightlifting, standing or sitting for too long, genetics, and pregnancy.

So, hemorrhoid sufferers should pay attention to what they consume in order to cure the disease.

What is the effect of eating eggs when hemorrhoids?

Eggs will not cause constipation that can make hemorrhoids or piles more severe. Eggs also will not cause stomach ache. So, contrary to what you probably believe, eggs are not bad for hemorrhoid sufferers.

Is It Safe Eating Egg When Hemorrhoids

Despite the arguments about eggs are extremely high in protein and low in fiber, this food ingredient is generally safe to be consumed by people who are suffering from hemorrhoids.

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Eggs are good for any conditions which are related to the digestive system, if they are consumed in a moderate portion, of course.

So, if you ask whether eating eggs can worsen your hemorrhoids, then you have known the answer.

Actually, eggs are one of the few food ingredients that will not upset hemorrhoids or piles, even though they are low in dietary fiber. However, eggs are a good source of fat and cholesterol.

Besides consuming chicken, you can find out if eating a duck egg is good for your piles or not.

Benefits of Eating Egg When Piles

Consuming fat is good for hemorrhoids because it is able to soften the stools. So that the sufferers of hemorrhoids do not have to strain when they are defecating.

Egg Contents Related to Digestion System

Fat is also able to relieve constipation that can cause hemorrhoids or piles even worse. 100 grams of poached eggs have 9.5 grams of fat, while 100 grams of hard-boiled eggs have 10.6 grams of fat and both have 370 mg of cholesterol.

100 grams of eggs, which are around 2 small eggs provide no dietary fiber that can add bulk to stools. Instead, it is able to supply the daily cholesterol intake as well as give benefits for hemorrhoids or piles because of its total fat content.

Besides eating eggs, you can find out whether eating chicken is good for bad for piles.


So you don’t need to worry that eating eggs can make your hemorrhoids worse, especially bleeding. However, once again, you have to remember that you must consume eggs in a proper amount if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Now, you are able to bring back eggs to your daily meal.

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