Is Milk Good For Piles? Or Making Worse? This The Answer!

Understand whether milk is good for piles or just make it worse. These will happen if you consuming buttermilk, drinking cow milk, soy milk, with a mixture of lemon, turmeric during hemorrhoids. What will happen to your hemorrhoids after drinking milk products?

The main cause of piles or hemorrhoids is basically the bad eating pattern. Of course, so that you can be healed from the disease immediately, you must re-arrange your daily consumptions.

It is much better to avoid those foods and drinks that can worsen your condition. Anyway, how is milk? Is it recommended or even prohibited for patients?

Effect Drinking Milk During Piles

This is the answer to the question of “Is milk good for piles?”, and the reason of it.

Is Milk Good For Piles or Making Worse? This The Answer!

Should Not Drink Milk if Hemorrhoid Worse?

The answer is that the milk must not be consumed at least when there is still no sign that the piles are getting better. Of course, to make a good decision, you must consult your doctor first. Milk gives a contribution to give an uncomfortable feeling for the patients.

Milk More Gas Production Even During Piles

The liquid is able a kind of gas in your stomach. When the gas has been produced, you may feel really painful and even you can be suffered by stomach cramps.

Meanwhile, most of the milk products are contained of the fatty acid that binds calcium. Consequently, the feces tend to be harder and constipation is getting more severe.

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Milk Contains Fat

Is milk good for piles? It is not because the milk contains fat that causes your hemorrhoids pain more uncomfortable.

Fat is also considered one of the substances that cannot be digested quickly by the human body compared to others.

That’s why; your hemorrhoids feel so bad when fatty foods and drinks make the digestive system works harder and it increases the stomachache risk. A further consequence is that the piles are worse.

So, you should avoid consuming milk in piles although it is in the form of liquid. Meanwhile, other fatty foods that must not be consumed are meat, egg, fishes, and fried dishes.

Drinking Milk During Piles Consideration

For the fact that milk is one of the foods you should not eat when suffering hemorrhoids, you must not consume it anyway.

But no matter how milk is bad for piles or hemorrhoids, the liquid has undeniably contained some types of nutrition needed by your body as well.

So, what is the solution? You can consume some dairy products in which the fat and gas substances inside have been removed. To get the products, it must be under the doctor’s suggestions.

Healthy nutrition is not found in milk only. There are still some sources of healthy fat and protein that are allowed for hemorrhoid patients.

For example, they are nuts and grains. Besides, you must consume more fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients with much fiber. So, is milk good for piles? It is absolutely not.

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