Best Lactose-Free Powdered Milk: Composition and Benefits and Brand

Are you lactose intolerance who love cakes and cookies? If so, you may be happy today because there is lactose-free powdered milk available that you can add to your baking ingredients. Here is brief information about lactose-free powdered milk that can help erase your concern about it.

Lactose-Free Powdered Milk: Composition and Benefits

How Is It Manufactured

The lactose-free whole milk powder is obtained by evaporating fresh milk to get dried milk. First, the regular fluid milk is poured into an evaporation tank and evaporate some of the fluids.

Then, the dairy manufacturer takes away or add a certain amount of milk fat until it contains a standard amount of fat. The rest of the milk goes into a spray dryer at very high heat.

During pasteurization or during the heating process, the lactose is removed from the milk by the mechanical separation process or enzymatically hydrolyzed.

Hence, the result will be powdered milk with a less or free amount of lactose. The process of removing lactose from the milk may also be done before the manufacturing process, while the milk is still in a liquid form.

Taste and Composition

The manufacturing technology can create the same mineral composition of the lactose-free powdered milk as the regular powdered milk. Some manufacturers reduce the lactose content up to less than 0.1%, while some others can eradicate it.

The protein content of lactose-free powdered milk is usually higher than in standard milk powder. They often have a fat content of less than 26%. Moreover, you can always check the ingredients before purchasing any lactose-free milk powder.

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Like other regular dried milk, it appears with a yellowish-white color. The product of lactose-free whole milk powder usually has its natural smell, and the taste remains unchanged.

Some manufacturers also reduce or enhance the sweetness without increasing the total carbohydrate level of the milk.

Usages and Advantages

The lactose-free powdered milk can be used as a substitution for any other powdered milk, or as a substitution for lactose-free full cream and fresh milk. It can be used as a source of protein and butterfat.

The product is used for babies with lactose intolerance, for confectionery such as candy and chocolate, and for baking recipes where adding liquid milk would make the dough too thin.

The advantage of lactose-free protein in the form of powdered milk is that it also has the same storage and transport advantages as the other dried milk.

Since it has low moisture content, it can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature and preserved for a longer time. It also can reduce its bulk for more efficient transportation during its distribution from the manufacturer.

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