Best Lactose Free Protein Powder for Weight Gain, Bodybuilding with Drink Shake

Lactose-Free Protein Powder is one tricky item to pick because some people are lactose intolerant and consuming products consisting of lactose may prove to be an uncomfortable experience.

Generally, lactose is a disaccharide and carbohydrate made of galactose and glucose that means sugar found in dairy products such as milk and yogurt. From a young age, we had a certain enzyme that can help us consume lactose, this certain enzyme is gradually decreasing as a normal aging result.

Lactose Free Protein Powder: Things You Must Know If Lactose Intolerant

As such lactose intolerant is commonly found in adults, the condition itself is not serious and treatable but still unknowingly consumes lactose from food and medication will cause unpleasant diarrhea for lactose intolerant.

What is Lactose Protein Powder

Protein powder is a popular supplement nowadays among bodybuilders because it has nutrients to help build muscle, help the body to make enzymes and hormones.

Protein also helps with weight management and whey protein is one of the most popular because it was water-soluble milk protein that offers all required amino acids and easy to absorb for the body. Some people use this as substitution or complement of high protein breakfast foods.

Lactose is found generally with protein powder unless they are soy or hemp type of protein that preferable for lactose intolerant and vegans.

What is Lactose-Free Whey Protein?

Lactose-free Whey protein means a dairy-based protein that has been filtered to filter all lactose for lactose intolerant that want to take whey protein with all of its benefits without the lactose.

Whey protein that had little to no lactose is called Whey isolate, whey isolate is a filtered version from whey protein and has less carbohydrate because of filtering.

Lactose intolerant Correlation With Protein Powder

Lactose is found with dairy products such as milk and yogurt, most consumable and medication nowadays consist of milk with lactose.

That doesn’t exclude Protein, Lactose intolerant have a hard time picking protein powder to help their weight gain or weight management.

Protein powder is known to consist of milk as a source of protein and lactose intolerant that wants to use whey-based protein has to pick carefully for Lactose-Free Protein Powder.

Best protein Powder for Lactose Intolerant

For lactose intolerant, the best protein powder is definitely that has no lactose in it. The best type for lactose intolerant is soy type protein powder or hemp type protein powder that has no lactose and fit for a vegan.

But these days manufacturers also giving more options for lactose intolerant with protein made from Beef, Fish, and chicken. For vegan protein used in lactose-free protein powder include peas, brown rice, and wheat.

Lactose-Free Protein Shakes

Protein shakes is consumable from Protein powder that is mixed with water to drink if you want more intake of protein and use the benefit of protein and enzyme in protein powder to help with weight management activities such as bodybuilding, muscle toning, and weight loss treatment.

The popular type of Protein shakes is usually whey protein because it is quickly absorbed and contains all amino acids needed by the body.

For lactose intolerant there are shakes without lactose such as soy protein that is plant-based, hemp protein that has high omega 3 and 6 fat but low of the needed acid or also rice protein and Pea Protein that has plant-based protein but has low the needed amino acid.

Dairy-Free Meal Replacement Shakes.

Basically mean shakes to replace meals without lactose in it, preferred by lactose Intolerant for weight management and limit their body to take amino acid that is needed for the body.

Shakes type such as whey protein provides amino acid and highly absorbable by the body, but whey protein shakes is dairy product thus is not suit lactose intolerant.

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For lactose intolerant, there are vegan shakes that dairy-free based on plant protein that contains no lactose just as great as replacement meal that offers a low carbohydrate diet.

Best Protein Powder For Runners

Protein shakes or protein powder is popular among athletes and the runner is one of them, runners need protein intake after running and take their muscles to the limit to recover and replenish protein in their body.

Shakes are great, they consist of needed amino acid that is needed and easily made for your liking, you can add flavor and other addition to the shakes in healthy moderation.

For runners that can consume lactose just fine whey protein is recommended, whey-based protein is a full source of amino acid that helps with your growth and taste good.

For lactose intolerant whey are not recommended because it was from a dairy product, for lactose intolerant and vegan runners it was recommended to pick plant-based protein or rice protein they are easy for your body to digest and has a lot of vitamins and minerals for those with food allergies.

Egg White Protein Powder

Egg white protein powder is one of the common types of protein, it provides high protein like whey and casein type protein powder, but egg white protein powder provides high protein and amino acid without the lactose because it was not a dairy product.

As long as you are not allergic to eggs you can use egg white protein powder with a lot of its benefit.

There are side effects to consider before consuming egg white protein powder, if you are allergic to eggs you might get skin reactions like hives or eczema, different people different severity so if you are allergic you better don’t use Egg white powder as your protein shake.

Lactose-Free Weight Gainer

A weight gainer is a supplement for people that wish to gain weight either to build muscle or to be less skinny.

A weight gainer is a mix of amino acids, vitamins, protein, fat, minerals, and carbohydrates with additional supplements such as keratin, whey, egg white powder, etc. and weight gainer is the cheaper and healthier solution to gain weight rather than consuming junk food.

For lactose intolerant looking for lactose-free weight gainer you can look for a weight gainer that has whey isolate on it, it has low lactose to none at all.

Gluten-free Dairy-free Protein powder

If you are looking for gluten-free protein powder and have a hard time finding one don’t worry, whey protein powder offers no gluten or sugar whatsoever either it was whey isolate or hydrolysate and that what makes whey is best for those who don’t want gluten in their protein.

For dairy-free and gluten-free whey isolate provide no gluten and almost free lactose that safe to consume for lactose intolerant.

Review Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate

BodyTech Whey Protein Isolate is a product from Bodytech that offer low lactose and gluten-free whey Protein. For each serving Bodytech claims to give 110 calories and 25 g of easily absorbed by the body.

Each scoop for Bodytech Protein Isolate contains 25g of protein while the average body absorption of protein is 20g, because of that large portion can be only used for those that have a body that can absorb large amounts of protein.

The important part of Bodytech Whey protein isolate is they provide various amino acids that essential for the body in proportion. They also include details such as L-Leucine-2587mg, L-Valine- 1336mg, L-Isoleucine- 1606 the classic 2:2:1 ratio.

People love how they taste of Bodytech Protein isolate with the high amount of protein they provide for the body.

Bodytech Whey Protein also quickly mixed into water and one reviewer said that adding a scoop to a bowl of oats make the cereal very tasty and recommend other people to try it as well.

One other review also said that they love the Bodytech Whey Protein Isolate and adding them with almond milk and water and taste good, recommended.

Score : 5 Out of 5

Review GNC Whey Protein Isolate

GNC AMP Pure whey isolate, GNC produces Protein powder that has been processed 20 times to ensure maximum quality of protein, this protein powder offers free lactose.

GNC pure whey isolates also pure whey, meaning there are no gluten and free lactose suits for lactose intolerant.

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People also love how thick the shake when they make the shake protein from GNC pure whey protein isolate, easy to customize the flavor by mixing and adding things, people also find it helps with lactose intolerant.

Score : 4.9 Out Of 5

Review Equate Protein powder

Whey Protein Supplement is manufactured by Equate, a dairy-based protein that offers lean muscle gain by adding additional protein for recovering muscle and helps fat loss.

Whey protein powder from Equate by a lot of reviewers said it is an affordable protein powder with a high amount of protein that tastes good when mixed with a smoothie and helps them building muscle and recovering after a workout.

Some reviewer adds ice cream and yogurt to add calories but still, the taste is good. Some people from the convenience store said they stop having craving issues, using Whey protein powder from equating in the morning also helps.

But they said the vanilla is too sweet, try adding water to lessen the sweetness, anyway delicious Protein powder recommended for beginners.

Score: 4.3 Out of 5

Review Ensure Dairy Free

Ensure Plant-based Protein Shakes claims to be 100% plant-based protein that has essential nutrients and taste great. From fava beans and pea blend, Plant-based protein Shake is great for strength and energy with guaranteed delicious taste.

Each shake has 20 g of fava beans and pea blend, 180 calories, 5g of fiber, 7g sugar, and add no artificial flavor, color, and sweetener. Plant-based Protein Shakes also dairy-free and soy-free so it suits the need for lactose intolerant, gluten-free for those who want to cut back sugars and Plant-based Protein Shake great for vegans.

Its reviewer said the Plant-based Protein Shake is easy to chug down in the morning and go back to sleep, the vanilla taste is great and if you want to change the taste a bit you can add cinnamon or nutmeg.

Some reviewers also said they hesitant to try Plant-based Protein shake from Ensure at first, but when they did they said it was more delicious from what they expect. They even claim to couldn’t tell the difference between other shakes and Ensure Plant-based Shake, love them and recommend them.

Some people said the flavor is nice and the shakes are not too thick and not thin as well, they also point that they love how it was soy-free and gluten-free with no bad taste after drink.

Score: 4.9 Out of 5

How To Pick The Best Lactose-Free Protein Powder?

And those are what we can gather and look around, make sure you have the Protein Powder that suits your need and condition. For gluten-free, you can choose pure whey because they had no sugar in it.

Reason to Choose Whey Isolate

For those who don’t want lactose you can try whey isolate, they filter almost all lactose within their protein powder to ensure comfort for lactose intolerant or pick plant-based protein products if you can. They offer better taste with no sugar as well and free of the dairy product so they are the safest choice for protein shakes.

Reason To Pick Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein powder is great, absorbed quickly by the body while providing essential amino acid for muscle gain, weight gain, and fat-loss. If you are planning to do any weight management anytime soon please check the quality of whey before you purchase anything, good measurement.

If you want to pick a protein powder is to compare the weight to the amount of protein, if the protein is more than 80% of the product weight there is a great chance that the product is high quality.

Consider To Choose Plant-based Protein Powder

For those with Egg allergy and Lactose intolerant it was not recommended to try anything with Egg-based protein powder. While Egg-based protein powder has a lot of protein without dairy products and offers lower fat and calories.

Your allergies will react and based on the severity will make you uncomfortable for days, consider using Plant-based Protein Powder. While they have a bit less of amino acid they provide protein without using and dairy product and Eggs making them suitable for those looking for the Lactose-Free Protein Powder.

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