Are Lavender Essential Oils Blend Considered Homeopathic for Hemorrhoids? The Magical Uses of The Extract

Lavender oils are known as useful essential oils that can be used for many purposes from homeopathic, get rid of bed bugs, calm aid, fragrance aromatherapy, skin whitening, hair antiseptic and more. You can get the lavender oils from many stores such ash Amazon, Walgreen, Walmart, Shopee, Target, etc.

Read this the effectiveness of lavender oil in healing hemorrhoids naturally with a home remedy treatment and how to use it properly to get the maximum result.

One of the solutions to overcome hemorrhoids is by using essential oils. There are also a variety of essential oils for hemorrhoids including lavender oil. Before applying this oil, let’s discuss more the use of lavender oil for hemorrhoids.

Lavender Oil for Hemorrhoids : Home Fast Treatment and How To Use

What Benefits of Lavender Oil To Stop Hemorrhoids

Lavender oil consists of a variety of essential properties. Some of the essential properties are able to treat hemorrhoids well. For example, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions.

These two essential properties are useful to relieve pain caused by hemorrhoidal. The essential properties are also effective to reduce hemorrhoids symptoms such as itchy and burning sensation.

Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is the big concern to take in facing the serious effects of the disease and it is dangerous if you don’t treat the problem well. The natural property in lavender oil is able to wound and stop the bleeding.

As a result, you will be more comfortable. You can also use this natural essential herbal oils for hemorrhoids therapy during pregnancy so you can reduce the pain sensation.

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The Way to Apply Lavender oil to Reduce Hemorrhoids

Interestingly, you can apply lavender oil for hemorrhoids in several ways.

1. Bathing

First, you can mix the essential oil with water and use it for bathing.

This is the simplest way to use lavender oil to treat hemorrhoids. Just use around 8 drops of lavender oil and mix it with water.

You may add another essential oil if you like such as jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, or mixture castor oil for a better result in curing hemorrhoids naturally.

Use warm water to get a more comfortable sensation. When it is ready, you can take a bath with a water mixture for itchy hemorrhoids.

2. Mixture

Second, you can also use lavender oil for massage to reduce hemorrhoids symptoms. Mix this oil with your favorite carrier oil and stir it until mixed well.

Then, you can start to massage the areas along the affected area with the oil.

Tips to Apply Lavender Oil

Some of the articles said that it is okay to apply the oil to the affected area. Actually, it is better not to apply lavender oil right to the affected area. Read also: tea tree oil sitz bath hemorrhoids

It is strongly related to the side effects because it might worsen the itchy or painful.

Moreover, you also need to mix the oil with another solution such as your favorite carrier oil or water before using the oil.

It is better not to use the pure lavender oil directly on your skin to prevent any side effects. You can other essential oils such as peppermint oil to help hemorrhoids.

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Just apply lavender oil for hemorrhoids until you don’t feel it anymore. It may take a few weeks to see the effects. You can also consult with the doctor first to make sure that you can use lavender oil for removing hemorrhoids.

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