Liquid Diet for Hemorrhoids : Best Food to Eat for Piles Treatment

Liquid diet for hemorrhoids, is it needed? Having the right diet is very important if you have piles. Moreover, if you have a special treatment for hemorrhoids. Here are some important things you have to know about food for piles when healing your hemorrhoid.

Liquid Diet for Hemorrhoids : Best Food to Eat for Piles Treatment

What Is Liquid Diet?

A liquid diet refers to consuming foods that contain a lot of liquid or soft foods and thaw at room temperature. There are various purposes in the liquid diet, including to provide adequate fluids, maintain electrolyte balance and for those who are prohibited from consuming solid food. In this case, it is food for hemorrhoids treatment.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Need Special Treatment?

A hemorrhoid is the swelling of vena in the anorectal area or around anus and rectum. This condition is actually quite similar to a varicose vein that is commonly occurred in the feet areas. The disease is also often related to chronic constipation.

Indeed, it is caused by constipation that is not treated well so that vena hemorrhoidal tends to be enlarged and bumped.

Meanwhile, constipation itself is due to the lack of fiber and liquid consumption. There are some other risk factors including obesity, pregnancy, and activities requiring sitting down too long.

Why Is Liquid Diet Good for Hemorrhoids Treatment?

The purpose of giving a liquid diet for hemorrhoids is to reduce pain, especially after hemorrhoids surgery. The benefits of the liquid diet are by consuming liquid and soft foods low in fiber, it helps in shaping the stool to be softer and easily passes through the rectum that has hemorrhoids.

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Eating foods with a mixture of fruit juices, vegetable juices or shakes can help fiber work better in the digestive system.

How to Undergo Liquid Diet in Hemorrhoids

In general, it is by consuming around 8-10 glasses of pure water per day. This amount is actually not so much different from normal people should consume daily. It is based on the fact that hemorrhoid patients commonly don’t drink that much in their daily life.

When the water amount is more than that, it is not bad but must still under doctor’s allowance. The liquid diet also cannot stand by itself. Is it safe drinking milk during hemorrhoids treatment? You can read the answer from that link.

There must also be a fiber diet to improve the digestive system entirely. Of course, there are also foods to avoid during hemorrhoids flare-up to pay attention also.

What Does Include in Liquid Diet for Hemorrhoids?

There are several types of food that you can consume during postoperative hemorrhoid treatment.

  • Various dairy products, but in limited quantities.
  • Very soft steamed vegetables.
  • Different types of fruit juices.
  • Fruits that contain lots of fluids such as melons, watermelons, oranges, pears, etc.
  • The soft part of fleshy food, poultry, seafood.

Food For Hemorrhoids Treatment

How to cure hemorrhoids at home fast? In a condition of hemorrhoid that is still not too severe, it is possible to conduct non-surgery treatments.

They are by implementing fiber and liquid diet, suppositories medication, antibiotics medication, and rubber band ligation.

Besides, the patients can also soak their bodies in warm water for around 15 minutes. Then, continue the process by compressing the area with cold water.

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From the non-surgery treatments above, the most important things to do are diets whether it is fiber or liquid diet. Fiber diet refers to the consumption of foods with fiber in a large amount.

Of course, it must be under the prescription or recommendations from a doctor. On the other hand, a liquid diet is about consuming much pure water aside from the liquid given from other treatments; for example through infusing.

The liquid diet for hemorrhoids as well as fiber diet is basically to heal the diseases from the inside. Yes, when you are suffered from hemorrhoids, the problem is not only in the rectum area but also in the digestive system, in general.

A hemorrhoid is indeed torturing but it can be relieved and avoided through a healthy lifestyle. A liquid diet for hemorrhoids is one of the healing methods to pass through anyway.

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