8 Best Strategy For Overcoming Low Self Esteem Which Is Good Practices To Do

Many people are aware that low self-esteem symptom exists but not many of them know that they actually have its kind of disorder. Low self-esteem is a thinking disorder where someone views or thinks about themselves as inferior to others.

Behind low self-esteem personality disorder, they only feel that they are inadequate, unworthy, unacceptable, unlovable, and incompetent that affects their daily life badly.

This thinking can result in being very critical to themselves and others and could also use poor judgment in making a decision.

Low Self Esteem Symptoms Causes Signs and Effects

What The Meaning Of Self Esteem

In order to understand what does self-esteem means, it can’t be explained in one word. Some words that can describe this meaning is self-acceptance, it means how you can accept what there in yourself includes good and bad.

Confidence, this what most people know about the mental function of self-esteem, where it means the potency you have as a cheer or moody people.

Low Self Esteem Meaning

What is low self-esteem? It happens on someone who feels and judges themselves don’t have the ability and confidence. You can see the Lack of confidence synonyms to see the same definition and meaning

They understand themselves lower, poorer compared to others. In general, the confidence a person with low self-esteem is very low.

8 Signs of Low Self Esteem Symptoms

There are several things or behaviors someone has that are the symptoms of low self-esteem. Here are some of them.

1. Fear and Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are two of the most common symptoms of low self-esteem and insecurity and most people who have low self-esteem also experience extreme fear and anxiety.

The extreme fear and anxiety they felt have something to do their belief that there is something wrong with them or something wrong with what they have done.

The fear and anxiety they have as the symptoms of low self-esteem can cause self-esteem attack or commonly called a panic attack when they do something that they think very stupid or incompetence and inadequate.

2. Self Esteem Attacks

Many people think that self-esteem attack is just a panic attack instead of being one of the symptoms of low self-esteem.

The self-esteem attack will usually lead the person to a state of depression or devastation. The self-esteem attacks are common amongst those who have (example signs of low self-esteem on a child or in various degrees for each person.

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Self-esteem attacks usually occur when someone with very bad confidence does or says something that later they think of it as stupid, rude, inappropriate, obnoxious, or inaccurate.

The period of the self-esteem attacks varies for each person depending on how serious they judge their mistakes.

3. Depression

Depression is also one of the main symptoms of low self-esteem. Most people who are depressed have experienced low self-esteem at some degrees.

Often psychological effects of low self-esteem to those who suffer the disorder often think that they are not capable of doing something correctly and well, especially when it has something to do with their social skills, initiating and maintaining relationships, being successful, and having the courage to try new things.

Those who have low self-esteem will feel depressed and hopeless when they think about their future and their current situation.

4. Hypersensitivity

As have mentioned before, people who have low self-esteem are also feeling inadequate in many aspects of their life.

Because they deem themselves as inadequate, they will feel extremely sensitive about how other people think about themselves.

Because of their inadequateness, they also think that other people also think of them in the same way and think that they are laughing at them, do not respect them, and will take advantage of them.

As a result, people with low self-esteem will watch out for signs that these things are happening and will be very sensitive and very easily offended when they interact with people.

5. Hypervigilance

Another low self-esteem symptoms are hypervigilance. Because of their feeling of inadequateness, people with low self-esteem will also feel that they do not fit in with their environments and surrounding.

They will constantly be fearful of repercussions from the people around them. Oftentimes, people with low self-esteem think about what they need to wear and what they need to say so that they can fit in with their environments.

As the situation progresses, the constant vigilance of their surroundings and their own action will only fuel the fear and anxiety they have which will dwindle their social and relationship skills. That is why people need to care about the importance of self-esteem in education in order for the student can develop their confidence in the future.

6. Lack of Assertiveness

Being assertive requires self-confidence and boldness, something those who have low self-esteem do not have.

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People who have low self-esteem symptoms are usually fearful of what they are talking in the fear of it might upset someone and then being rejected by them.

They will also be reluctant, to tell the truth, and their opinions about something, afraid to ask what they want, or share their feelings.

As a result of building up their feeling inside, they ended up being sarcastic, brusque, or rude and even violent. People who are lack of assertiveness might also develop passive-aggressive behaviors such as manipulation and planned tardiness.

7. Lack of Self Confidence

Lack of self-confidence is another symptom of low self-esteem. Here you can understand what independence and self-confidence meaning. People with low self-esteem tend to be a workaholic or an underachiever. Some of them get angry and are driven to prove their capabilities and adequacy.

Oftentimes, they become successful as a result of their low self-esteem. Some others who have low self-esteem will stay in their unsatisfying position and just float through life without trying to change their current situation.

People who have lack of self-confidence will become very needy and cannot move anywhere from their current position.

8. Self Sabotaging Behavior

Self-sabotaging means that someone who acts in ways that are not in their own best interest and is one of the symptoms of low self-esteem. There are three acts that are categorized as self-sabotaging, the floaters, the needy, and the workaholic.

  1. The floaters are those people who are unwilling or unable to make changes in their life for the better. They float through their life without doing much.
  2. The needy are those who rely on others too much in undergoing their everyday life. They are depending on their life directions to others and will hang on everything others say about them.
  3. The last is the workaholic, people who have low self-esteem symptoms and who know about their ability and skills to be successful with their job. They will pour all they have into their job so that they will be successful with their work and feel good about them. Oftentimes, workaholics do not have time for personal or family affairs since they are too focused on their job or blatantly ignore those who are in their life and become distant from their families.

The public can judge and determine low self-esteem symptoms suffered by a person by looking at the signs mentioned above. And can give the best advice so that they can have in order to build confidence.

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