5 Muscle Knots In Shoulder Symptoms You Should Aware

Muscle knots – do the words ring anything in your mind? The appearance of such knots in the muscles is a very common issue in the recent times. To be very precise, the muscle knots are the portions that are present in the different types of muscles of the human beings and they are constricted in their nature and they are the sources of consistent pain in the muscles.

There is a scientific name of this problem which is known as myofascial trigger points. If the knotted muscle is present near your shoulder blade, you can experience an acute pain and this gives rise to an uncomfortable as well as irritating feeling.

Now, you may be thinking how do you identify such problems, right? Don’t worry! This article is going to reveal a few symptoms of knotted muscle at the shoulder blade which will help you understand the problem. Just read on…

Various Types of Symptoms of Knotted Muscle at the Shoulder Blade

There are a number of symptoms like pain, tightness, swelling and numbness of the muscles which only occur if you suffer from knotted muscle at the shoulder blade.

Pain in the Muscle

In case, you have a muscle knot at the shoulder blade area, it can cause a severe pain throughout the muscles and the shoulder. From time to time, this pain has become so acute that one can feel the inability to move as well as breathe.

The person could feel that something is there at the shoulder blade which is pulling. This pain gradually scatters in the back, head, and neck along with jaw. If you feel such pain ever, consulting with a doctor is the best solution.

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Tightness of the Shoulder

Another symptom of the knotted muscle is the tightness of the shoulder. If knots are formed in the muscles near the shoulder area, the person cannot move the shoulder and it will become so tight that you can’t even stretch.

Restricted Motion

According to the placement of the knotted muscles, the movement of one side of the body reduces in comparison to the other side.

Swelling of the Knotted Muscle Area

Swelling is another symptom of the knotted muscle at the shoulder blade. Due to the presence of the knots, the area adjacent to it might be swelled.

In some cases, the people suffering from such condition could feel the presence of the knot through their skin.Moreover, a raised as well as a bulging area can be seen near the knotted muscle.

Numbness of the Muscles

The people suffering from muscle knots near the shoulder blade area might experience numbness of the muscles adjacent to their shoulders.

However, this kind of numbness or lack of sensation is mostly seen if the problem of muscle knots is in extreme condition. Apart from this, if the nerves are involved in this problem, then also the numbness might occur.

Even though this kind of feeling goes away on its own, but in case this stays for quite a few days, you must go to the doctor at once.

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