7 Symptoms Associated With Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common problem in men and women. Neck pain or cervical pain would cause different types of pain ranging from mild discomfort to intense burning pain. Mostly, neck pain lasts for a short period of time. Neck pain that continues longer than a week needs serious attention.

Which Area Neck Pain Happened

Neck pain might have the tendency to extend to the upper back area or arms. As a result, the neck becomes stiff or warm. It causes headaches and nerve-related symptoms like numbness or tingling in your arm or hand. A few symptoms are related to nerve and these are caused due to the pressure on the spinal cord.

You may feel like burning when anyone touches the skin of the hand. Sometimes you might feel a shock and it extends to your arm or hands. Most of the people ever get neck pain at several point in their lives. Read this article to gain a better understanding about neck pain symptoms.

Neck Pain Symptoms

Extreme Pain In The Neck Muscles

You may feel extensive pain and rigidity in the neck muscles. The soreness might come down to the shoulder. The pain can also radiate to the arm and hand. The pain might radiate towards the head. This would sometimes cause unilateral or bilateral headache. The neck muscles are so tense that you can’t touch it. Acute neck pain can lead to odd postures of the neck. The pain that appears at the bottom of the head may come along with a feeling of weakness in the hands and shoulders. You would also experience an irritation in the arms and fingers.

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Muscle Spasm

A spasm is a rapid and spontaneous contraction of muscles. They become so painful and stiff that you can’t move your neck.

Muscle Ache

The muscles of the neck ache and this might be due to hard knots that are sensitive to touch. You will usually feel the pain in the mid back portion of the neck.

Nerve Pain

The neck pain can come down the arms as well as legs. You would experience a sensation of needles pricking in your arms. Sometimes burning, tingling sensation, numbness or weakness might accompany the neck pain.


If many long hours are spent by sitting or standing in same position then you would experience stiffness in your neck muscles that can make it very painful when you try to move your neck.


Headaches are common neck pain symptoms that are experienced by many. You may feel a monotonous painful type of headache, instead of sharp pain. You will feel the pain frequently at the backside of your head. You can also feel the pain at the sides and the front.

Reduced Range Of Movement

Sometimes you will feel that you can’t rotate your head to the side towards each shoulder like you used to do. It can result in diminished range of motion and movement. You need immediate doctor’s consultation at such case.

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