Negative Side Effects of Essential Oils and How to Avoid

There are so many essential oils that people use in their daily life. Essential oil is usually used manually or even with the diffuser. Essential oil is produced through the distillation and often by using steam. People have been using essential oil as alternative medicine and they use it for aromatherapy too.

It is all because the people believed that it is useful to induce relaxation. The fragrance itself has lots of variants and it all came from the extracted plants that were used. Besides the hype of this essential oil, there are some doubts about the real function of this essential oil.

It indeed gives a sense of relaxation feeling, however, there is still no study that has proven that essential oil can treat any health issue effectively. Besides that fact, it is also stated that some people can get negative side effects of essential oils.

This can have something to do with allergy and also the possibility of improper use. Let’s have a look at the side effects of essential oil.

Bad and Negative Side Effects of Essential oils

The side effects can vary from one person to another. Here are some of the negative side effects of the essential oils that are found. The common side effect is irritation and burning. This can happen not by using the diffuser, however the manual use.

Some people apply to the skin and it irritates. So, always ensure that you try it first on a small area of your skin to see if it will harm your skin or not. Many companies that produce essential oil indeed claimed that they only used natural ingredients, however, it is not always true.

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Besides irritation, if it goes worse, then the burning sensation is definitely the price that you have to pay. Another side effect is a headache. Some people that use a diffuser and inhaling the essential oil cause them dizziness.

Headache is surely the hard part of it. Some people can be fine with that but some others really can’t stand that.

How To Avoid the Negative Side Effects

You need to understand that the topical use of essential oil is not always a good idea to do. Some people experience severe irritation by doing that. It will be safer that you always use a diffuser to simply enjoy the relaxing feeling by inhaling the essential oil.

You may also try to start from a few drops so that it will not cause you a dizzy head or a more complex situation. You may also check which kind of plant base that will be more suitable for your needs and your body. You know your body better in accordance with this kind of natural thing.

You should know which kind of substance or any plant base that can cause you allergy. The negative side effects of essential oils are sure can be avoided as long as you know your limit. So, just because it can give negative side effects, doesn’t mean that you can’t manage it.

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