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Natural Home Remedies For Quick Common Cold And Cough And Medication In 24 Hours

Today there are a staggering number of products on drugstore shelves touting their cold-fighting prowess. But who should you believe? And if these products do relieve you of your symptoms, at what cost? Here we outline the most common and often misunderstood medications used for treating cold and cough symptoms. Continue reading

7 Productive Coronavirus Self Isolation Activities

Even if you have to stay home, you can keep yourself productive through these Coronavirus self isolation activities. The outbreak has forced us to change our routines and stay home as much as possible. Being cooped up for too long can make us feel stressed, especially during a time of uncertainty like this. But it doesn’t mean we can’t keep ourselves occupied through these 7 activities below.
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Useful Covid-19 Quarantine Activities: 8 Things You Can Do

As countries impose social distancing amidst the outbreak, people are becoming more creative with Coronavirus quarantine activities. It hasn’t been easy to give up our daily routines and stay home. But since we have no choice, why not make the most out of it? Here are 8 ideas you can do to keep your covid-19 quaran-time fun and productive. Continue reading

8 Coronavirus Lockdown Activities to Keep Yourself Occupied

To keep yourself occupied at home, you can try these Coronavirus lockdown activities. With the Coronavirus pandemic predicted to last as long as the rest of this year, people are encouraged to minimize going out. Many areas are also on lockdown. But staying home doesn’t have to be boring if you try the 8 activities below. Continue reading

What Essential Oil Is Good For Blisters On Feet? This is the List

If you read this, you may try to find out how to deal with blisters, on the feet in specific. If you happen to have one on your feet, then this reading hopefully with a guide on how to deal with that annoying feeling caused by the blisters. One of the ways of handling blisters is by using a home remedy such as essential oils for blisters on feet. Continue reading

Negative Side Effects of Essential Oils and How to Avoid

There are so many essential oils that people use in their daily life. Essential oil is usually used manually or even with the diffuser. Essential oil is produced through the distillation and often by using steam. People have been using essential oil as alternative medicine and they use it for aromatherapy too. Continue reading