What To Use As Good Substitute For Instead Of Olive Oil For Hemorrhoids? Coconut Oil As Alternative?

One of the most popular home remedies of olive oil for relieving hemorrhoids pain with many helpful benefits and useful ingredients also simple application at home.

Olive oil for hemorrhoids how is it? Read what benefits and the best ways how to apply this kind of essential oil on your piles for curing it perfectly.

Handy Ingredients And Olive Oil Benefits For Curing Health Problem

Olive oil is a natural remedy for hemorrhoids ingredient with many health benefits. Of course, despite content like vitamins and minerals, it has some characteristics including anti-inflammation, antioxidant, antibacterial, and more.

Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids : Best 3 Ways To Use for Maximum Benefits

That’s why; problems like hemorrhoids are considered being able to cure using this oil even without side effects. So, how are the simplest things to apply this oil to cure hemorrhoids? Here they are.

Pure Olive Oil to Apply and Consume

Without additional ingredients, olive oil can stand by itself to relieve hemorrhoids. First of all, prepare around a teaspoon of olive oil; it can be more anyway and cotton ball.

Put the cotton ball into olive oil and apply it directly to the diseased area. For rectum hemorrhoids, you need to insert it a little bit and then pull it out.

The application should be done twice a day regularly. The result can be seen around a week after the first application but it can be different from one to another. It depends on the conditions for sure.

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Despite applying the ingredient directly, this type of essential oil to shrink hemorrhoids can also be consumed for healing from the inside.

You can consume a teaspoon of olive oil regularly. Besides, pour it with healthy natural drinks like green tea and honey solution.

Olive Oil and Lemon Water

The second way to apply olive oil for hemorrhoids is by mixing it with lemon water. Lemon water is also well-known as a good antibacterial and anti-inflammation.

That’s why; applying it together with olive oil is a great combo for relieving this painful disease. How is it? First of all, prepare olive oil and lemon water with the same dose; it is 1:1.

Then, apply it directly to the hemorrhoid area using cotton. Since both ingredients are edible, you can consume them also.

Olive and Tea Tree Oil

Another essential oil you can use to relieve various kinds of diseases is a tea tree oil. Well, the hemorrhoid is a disease included in the list of being cured with the oil.

The content is actually different from olive oil but they give benefits that are quite similar to each other.

They are antioxidant, anti-inflammation, and more. Different from the olive oil – lemon water mixture mentioned above, here, and the composition of tea tree oil should be much less.

As alternative you can use coconut oil that is good for hemorrhoid and oregano oil as piles home remedy.

In a teaspoon of olive oil, you only need 3 drops of tea tree oil mixture to reduce piles. Apply directly this mixture of olive oil for hemorrhoids on the area with the disease.

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