Is Onion Good For Hemorrhoids? Does It Help With Garlic and Raw Combination?

Tips how to cure piles permanently at home fast with natural remedies using onion. Here are the benefits you get and several best treatment for a good result.

Onion Treatment for Piles : 4 Effective Methodes for Home Medication

Does Onion Work Well for Healing Hemorrhoids?

How do the Onion Treatment for Piles? Garlic is indeed well-known as the natural home remedy for piles or hemorrhoid treatment. But how is it about its partner, onion? Interestingly, you can also cure this disease using onion although the healing process is probably not as fast as the garlic.

Onion Treatment for Piles : 4 Effective Methodes for Home Medication

You can also consider the healing effect of witch hazel for stopping hemorrhoids.

How To Use Onion Treatment for Piles Relieving?

However, it is just a general conclusion since treatment results tend to be different from one to another. So, what are the steps of the hemorrhoid treatment using onions? Here they are.

1. Using Chop or Mash the Onion

Follow these tips to use chop or mash the onion for treating piles. Prepare around 2 or 3 pieces of onion and chop or mash it until it looks like the paste. You should not apply it directly to the hemorrhoid area.

Wait for it for some minutes until the content of alisin and antioxidant comes out. Alisin is basically the main substance contained in the garlic that is functioned to heal hemorrhoids.

In onion, it is available as well although the amount is not as much as the garlic. Meanwhile, the antioxidant is also very good to fasten the healing process. After that, apply it thoroughly to the wounded area.

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2. Suppositories

The treatment in the previous point is for piles or hemorrhoids on the anus. But if it is on the rectum area, you don’t have any other choice unless insert a small piece of onion to the rectum before going to bed.

Just like the garlic, it will come out naturally in the morning when you are defecating. In the beginning, it may be painful but it is getting better after several times of application.

3. Onions to Consume

Despite the onions are able to apply directly to the hemorrhoids area, you can also consume it to relieve the symptoms. You can directly eat the onion paste if you can.

But if you just don’t like the strong taste, you can consume it together with other ingredients including green tea and honey.

Drink the solution around three times a day. When the condition is getting better, you can reduce the frequency up to twice or once a day.

4. Garlic and Onion Combination

The mixture of onion and garlic can also be used to relieve hemorrhoids. Similar to the methods mentioned above, they are chopped together and then applying to the disease area.

For consumption, they are better also. If your pain is not getting better, the best solution is a medical checkup by visiting the doctor for hemorrhoids.

The doctor must know the best treatment for you aside from the traditional method like the onion treatment for piles.

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