What Does Oregano Oil Do To Cure Hemorrhoids. These Health Benefits That Is Good For You

Is oregano oil good for hemorrhoids? This is the explanation of the benefits and effectiveness of oregano in oil form as a natural home remedy in healing, reducing or removing your hemorrhoids pain.

What Are Oregano Oils for Hemorrhoids

Oregano is one of the ingredients that must be familiar enough for all of us. It is usually added to the dishes to make them taste more deliciously. You can read the truth about essential oils for hemorrhoids that have been popular to treat the disease.

But more than that, do you know that the leaves have many benefits for our health. Even when oregano has been processed into oil, it can be used to solve some health problems including hemorrhoids as a home remedy. Here is the explanation.

The Content of Oregano That Powerful for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Oregano contains Rosmarinic acid and thymol. Both are strong antioxidant compounds that are good for the healing process; whatever the disease is.

Meanwhile, it is also known to reduce oxidative stress inside the body.

The content of thymol and carvacrol are also kinds of organic compounds to attack bacteria that affect body organs including intestine and rectum.

Other substances are manganese, calcium, iron, vitamin K, and fiber. So, oregano oil is not only recommended for the detoxification process but also smooth your digestive system.

How to Use Oregano Oil to Cure The Piles

When it is in the form of oil, oregano is getting much easier to apply for hemorrhoids. It is by smearing the oil on the anus or the part with the wound.

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When the hemorrhoids occur in the inner part of the rectum, you can smear the oil to a cotton ball and insert it.

For a severe condition, the application must be done regularly for around 3 times a day. Meanwhile, if you are getting better, once a day is enough for the recovery process.

Consuming Oregano Oil

There are mainly two types of oregano oil; they are edible and essential oils.

Oil for Outer

The essential oil of oregano can only be used for the outer treatment.

Edible Oregano Oil

For the edible oil, it is not only for the outer treatment but also for being consumed. You can consume the edible oregano oil, commonly for the kitchen ingredient, twice a day.

The dosage is a teaspoon each. For a better taste, pour the oil in a cup of green tea or honey solution. Drink it with the same dosage.

Mixture Oregano Oil with Other Substance

Oregano oil can also be used together with some other ingredients for hemorrhoid treatments. Some of them are garlic, olive oil, lemon water, and Aloe Vera. Other people consider coconut oil to treat hemorrhoids at home.

The steps of application and consumption are just the same as what has been mentioned above. For the composition, it is with a comparison of 50:50. So, if you have this disease, you can use oregano oil for hemorrhoids.

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