Best Food For Piles Naturally: Patients’ Eating Habits For Curing Hemorrhoids

Piles or hemorrhoid is one of the health problems that can disturb daily activities. This disease happens because there is a swollen or inflamed blood vessel inside the anus. The symptoms of hemorrhoids are usually the pain around the anus when pooping, itchiness around the anus, and also bleeding.

Best Piles Home Remedies Food That Can Ease Your Pain

Food and Hemorrhoids

Piles or hemorrhoids can be very painful if it is not directly cured or healed. But do not be worried, because there are some foods as hemorrhoids home remedy that can help to relieve the disease. And these diet for hemorrhoids sufferers is really helpful if you are in the treating period. Here they are:

What Best Food as at Home Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Radish Juice

A glass of radish juice is able to a natural medication to heal hemorrhoids. You can start by drinking a quarter glass of radish juice for the first time. Then, gradually increase it to a half glass of radish juice. If you drink this juice routinely, the hemorrhoid is possible to be healed without any prescription.

Pomegranate Skin

Pomegranate skin is often used as a natural medication to cure hemorrhoids or piles. In order to consume it, you are able to boil pomegranate skin and filter the waste. Consume this drink once or twice a day and your hemorrhoid can be relieved. (This is the answer if milk good for piles or not)

Fig Fruit

Fig fruits or also known as Tin fruits in Arabic has a red flesh so that it looks similar to a pomegranate. This fruit has a lot of benefits for the health of the body, including as a natural medication for piles or hemorrhoids.

Soak dried fig fruits in a glass of water and leave it for a night. Then, drink a half glass of the water in the morning and drink the other half at night.

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The fibers contained in fig fruits are very effective to heal not only hemorrhoids but also constipation. So, fig fruits are definitely not included in the list of foods to avoid during hemorrhoid treatment that can make your pain worse.


This spice has a healing and anti-inflammation characteristics. You are able to make a simple potion by boiling the turmeric roots and drink the water every day. This potion is quite effective to heal hemorrhoids naturally.


Bananas are able to relieve hemorrhoids and constipation because this fruit can normalize the functions of the colon in absorbing water. Bananas are helpful for hemorrhoids that contain high fiber so that it can be a natural solution to heal piles and constipation. When you are suffering from piles or constipation, regularly consume bananas every day. (This is the answer if curd good for piles or not)

Those all piles of home remedies food that you can obtain easily and cure your hemorrhoidal. You may consider a liquid diet for hemorrhoids for a specific treatment such as after surgery or doctor recommendation.

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