Best Meal Food Replacement for Lactose Intolerance from Plant

Whether you are lactose intolerance or someone who can’t include milk as your daily source of nutrition, you need to start thinking about other food to replace milk. Milk mostly contains a very high protein and calcium.

Rather than consuming protein powder for lactose intolerant, you need to gain those nutritional benefits from other products. You can try some of these plant-based meal replacement without worrying about the lactose.

Plant-Based Meal Replacement for Lactose Intolerance

Plant-Based Milk

Whenever you need milk in your oatmeals or smoothies, try to substitute dairy milk with plant-based milk. The first plant-based milk you can try is almond milk, which feels just like regular cow milk based on its texture.

It may taste literally like almonds, but you can make it easily at home. Next, you may want to try coconut milk as your plant-based meal replacement for milk, as it is quite creamy and can help to promote weight loss.

If you wish to gain more omega-3 fatty acids and protein, you may prefer hemp milk as the replacement. Keep in mind that hemp milk contains only a little amount of calcium. You can also try soy milk to get more lactose-free protein with the addition of potassium.

Then, you can try to make rice milk to balance your daily intake of calcium. The rice milk is easy to make, and it has a very thin texture with strong rice-like sweetness.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are high in protein can calcium, which is perfect for those who have to limit the dairy products. Eating a cup of beans is similar to drink half a cup of milk. Nuts and seeds can also be found in the form of bread and cereal.

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Find calcium in dried apricots, raisins, edamame, and other soy foods such as tofu or soy sauce. You can also try to include a small serving of peanuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, and almonds in your meal. As a bonus, these can give you a good amount of fat and fiber, which can make you healthier.

If you are not really into nuts or seeds, you can be a little creative by mixing your choice of nuts and seeds into bread, chocolate chip cookies, or crumbles your own protein bars.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are a great plant-based meal replacement for milk that can give you plenty of nutrition. Try mixing spinach, collard greens, and kale into your salad or put it in your sandwich to get extra calcium and minerals.

Cook broccoli or rhubarb for dinner to get more calcium and fiber. Just keep in mind that these foods may not contain other necessary nutrition for your body, so you need to eat different types of vegetables more often to provide them.

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