Recovery Time For Hemorrhoid Surgery : How Long Average Normal Time Needed?

The normal average typical recovery time for hemorrhoid surgery needed for different treatments such as external, laser, banding, thrombosed, stapled.

If someone is given the option to do a piles surgery, of course, they will have a question “how long does it take to recover from hemorrhoid surgery”.

Most medical frequently ask a question in the forum and need some tips in facing the treatment.

Since surgery is a medical treatment that requires time to recover, it is important to know for every patient, so that they are mentally and financially ready.
Recovery Time For Hemorrhoid Surgery : How Long Average Normal Time Needed?

Why Do Piles Need Surgery?

Hemorrhoids caused by swelling of blood vessels in the anal area either inside or outside are divided into internal and external, sometimes surgery is required to recover.

Getting medical treatment through surgery is not a simple procedure, because there is a body of patients who will be “wounded” to heal the rest. And that part of its wound will take time to recover completely. That is why there is a special doctor to treat hemorrhoids you should visit for further examination.

Oftentimes the surgical wound is accompanied by pain, and this is what makes the patient be afraid and asks how long the recovery time post hemorrhoid surgery.

When Do Piles Need Surgery?

The surgery is taken when a situation is found as follows :

  • Getting rid of hemorrhoid treatment on ways such as the use of home remedies, essential oils for remove hemorrhoids, ointment, warm bath, steroid cream does not show the effect of hemorrhoids shrinking.
  • Hemorrhoids are a swelling of blood vessels, which are painful, irritating, even bleeding on external hemorrhoids.
  • There have been complications against hemorrhoids. In external hemorrhoids, there is a painful blood clot that is called thrombosed hemorrhoids. Whereas in internal hemorrhoids, the formation of a bulge at the end of the rectum due to an impulse from the anal which is called prolapsed hemorrhoids. Both types of these hemorrhoids can occur irritation and infection so that surgery is required.
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How Long Does It Take To Recovery Time For Hemorrhoid Surgery?

The recovery time from hemorrhoids surgery depends on the method used. Find the answer for hemorrhoid surgery recovery time medical questions below.

Hemorrhoid Surgery Types

Hemorrhoid surgery treatment consists of several types, and each type has different healing periods. Below some hemorrhoid surgery reviews

Rubber band ligation

Rubber band ligation more popular known as banding using tight rubber tied to the hemorrhoids area to break the blood supply.

This procedure performs two actions requiring at least two months until the completion of the auction period.

For hemorrhoid treatment banding recovery time, you can calculate the period above by adding some times more.


Hemorrhoids surgery procedure by injecting chemicals in hemorrhoids. Chemicals cause hemorrhoids to shrink, stop bleeding and become asymptomatic.

This treatment is known to have a high success rate to deal with small and internal hemorrhoids. This procedure is known to be very short so it can be done in the doctor’s office.

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However, there are some injections required in a given time period. So it can not be predicted the exact recovery time after hemorrhoid surgery.


Commonly called infrared photocoagulation, because it uses infrared rays, the use of extreme heat or cold temperatures to make the hemorrhoids shrink.

How long does hemorrhoid surgery take for coagulation? The short hemorrhoids surgery treatment is performed only in the doctor’s office.


Treatment procedures for large external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids prolapse that can only be done at the hospital because the patient will receive anesthesia either local, regional or general.

Hemorrhoidectomy recovery tips – when the surgery is completed, you will stay in the hospital for a few nights until your condition is stable in recovery.

You will be allowed home for the next healing period. For hemorrhoid recovery from surgery, each patient has an unequal healing period due to various factors.


Also known as Hemorrhoidopexy for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids prolapse. Procedures that can only be done in the hospital, as well as local, regional or general anesthesia.

Surgery to restore the hemorrhoids position into the rectum and cut off the blood supply, thus making the tissue contracted and absorbed into the skin tissue.

The recovery period of stapled hemorrhoid surgery is shorter than that of a hemorrhoidectomy.

The recovery time for hemorrhoid surgery with this treatment method is unknown exactly in general.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery Time For Hemorrhoid Surgery : How Long Average Normal Time Needed?

  1. Helen C Kennedy

    The recovery from a hemorrhoid treatment or surgery typically lasts one to three weeks, depending upon the type of treatment, but your tips are so amazing for recovery.

  2. Janet Stewart

    After surgery five weeks ago and still in pain (much of it in the first three weeks extremely painful) with opioids not taking care of the pain, I would suggest every thing else you can do not to have this surgery. I have found out that there are so many other options you can do at home. Its easier to baby them each day then to have this surgery. I think my surgeon probably did more than I had wanted done and my healing has been painful and slow.
    I can only say – do not do this! Its not worth it. I did not get any warnings or anything from my doctor who specializes in these procedures. I can only blame this on my ignorance and have learned a very hard lesson. Going back to work for the first six weeks might be very difficult for many.


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