Best Donut Seat Cushion Pillow For Hemorrhoids Sitting Comfort: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS

For those who suffer this disease, this seat cushion for hemorrhoids is very useful while you are sitting in a car when driving or relaxing at home. With a kind of donut pillow for hemorrhoids, it can help to reduce pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids.

Seat Cushion For Hemorrhoids : How To Choose The Best Pillow For Piles

Seat Cushion For Hemorrhoids : How To Choose The Best Pillow For Piles

Understand Hemorrhoids That Need Seat Cushion

Hemorrhoids signs that are enlarged veins and swelling of the anus, often feel pain when in contact with other objects and when under pressure.

Even the symptoms of hemorrhoids are often accompanied by itching, irritation, and discomfort during the activity. Even in some patients is often accompanied by bleeding.

Reasons Why Seat Cushion is Needed for Those With Piles?

For someone with hemorrhoids, sitting is a very big problem due to the pain that arises because their hemorrhoids come into contact with a chair and get pressured by body weight.

In order hemorrhoids are not directly contracting the chair and get pressure, it needs a special cushion during driving in a car or just relax at home.

What is Seat Cushion For Hemorrhoids

Seat cushion for hemorrhoids is a soft-base used as an additional pad on the seat so that the piles do not come into direct contact with the chair while sitting.

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It also to improve blood circulation around the rectal area and maintaining proper sitting posture. It also helps relieve hemorrhoids symptoms.

Pad cushion for hemorrhoid is known also as a chair cushion, donut pillow, doughnut pillow or hemorrhoid pillow.

How does a hemorrhoid pillow work? Seating cushion works by distributing your body weight evenly and prevent direct contact and big pressure on anal.

Types of Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids

These seat cushions as one of the ways to relieve hemorrhoids pain have unique shapes and designs. Which on the location of the anus has a hole so that the hemorrhoids will not be in direct contact with the chair, so it will not make the piles hurt.


In the market, you can get a hemorrhoid cushion with a full round shape with a hole in the middle of know as a ring cushion, which resembles a donut form so-called a donut pillow.

Or there is also a horseshoe-shaped cushion with a gap in the middle.


Filling material from hemorrhoids pads vary, some use foam, memory foam hybrid, gel and air(pumped).

Solid or Inflatable

There are two types of the seat cushion to prevent piles, those are solid and inflatable :

  1. The solid type has an irreversible shape and size.
  2. Meanwhile, inflatable type, density, and shape can be changed by adding or reducing the air content inside the pillow.

Best Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids

How to choose the best sitting pillow for hemorrhoids? There are several factors you should consider when going to buy this pillow hemorrhoids, including:

Body Weight

The weight of your body greatly affects how well the pillow is able to sustain the body and how it relieves the pain of your hemorrhoids.

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There are several types of pillows that mention certain weights. The heavier your body, the thicker the hemorrhoids cushion you need.

Specific Function

Seating cushion is made not only for hemorrhoids but also designed for certain functions such as after childbirth, after hemorrhoids surgery, lower back pain sufferers.

Upholstery Fabrics

Choose a pillow with a cloth that is easy to wash.

Cold Pillows

Choose a pillow that uses a comfortable material and does not make your butt feel too hot. Gel material can reduce the heat cause too long sitting.

Where Can I Buy a Donut Pillow for Hemorrhoids

There are some good places to buy donut pillow for hemorrhoids, such as Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Argos, and Amazon. To make it easy to buy seat cushion with many options, you can do it online. But to buy the right seat cushion for hemorrhoids, by trying first, buying in-store offline is much better.

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