5 Tips To Sleep Better On An Airplane As Comfortable As Sleeping At Home

We can generalize people in the world into two major types: those who are able to sleep in an airplane and those who are not. It is entirely possible to change from the latter type to the former.

5 Tips To Sleep On An Airplane As Comfortable As Sleeping At Home

First, a person must consciously stop their mind to think that it is impossible to sleep on airplanes. After that, they can start to pay attention to what successful plane sleepers do and take note of them.

They can try incorporating the methods the next time they are taking long flights to sleep better and restful, learning what is best for them along the way. Here are 5 tricks that can help you sleep on airplanes.

Bring Neck Pillow

sleep with neck pillow in airplane
When we drift off to sleep, our muscles are getting more relaxed. That is why we need neck support. The U-shaped pillow is most commonly used as travel pillows. Some doctors suggest to turn it around so the opening is located at the back of your neck, offering more support.

There is a recent development in the neck support industry, which is the Turtl (turtle) pillow. It can be wrapped around your neck, as its size is half of the regular neck pillow.

A strengthened inner rib is concealed within the pillow to adjust to any neck, jaw, and shoulder shape. If, as the worst case, you do not have a pillow, pull the headrest’s wings forward as a makeshift pillow.

Give Calm Sound

sleep canceling noice airplane
When you are on planes, you cannot help but notice everything that is happening around your place: the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. All of that will overwhelm you, making a good sleep is next to impossible.

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So, pack noise-canceling headphones and a comfy sleeping mask — do not doubt the efficacy of those. With those tools at your disposal, you can escape into a blissful sleep — silent and dark — as early as you can.

Come To Airport Earlier

It will be stressful if you rush to get your flight. Moreover, the stress likely lingers by the time you are settled on your seat, making it extra hard to nod off. Try getting to the airport early so that you can use the extra time at the gate to prepare yourself for bedtime.

Go to the bathroom to brush your teeth or splash some water to your face, or try to read some books sitting on the nightstand. Such activities will signal your body that it is bedtime.

Flush With Water

sleep by drink enough water on airplane
It would be weird if you are advised to drink less water, but it certainly works on long flights. You will be irritated if your journey to sleep is interrupted by the need to answer the call of nature. That being said, you can bring a water bottle, but divide the portion for a drink as best as you can.

Don’t Harm Your Head

Although a few sips of red wine can help you to drift off quicker, it is most likely that you wake up groggy, feeling like cotton is stuffed in your mouth, and unable to go back to sleep. That is because alcohol decreases REM sleep — a phase when your body is at peak recovery.

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