Sleep Stage Where You Dream – The Time Growth Hormone Released

Most people has been for long time know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. For both physical and mental health the next day, and to stay fit in the long run. Sleep stage where you dream is good to recover your body. But the reality is often the opposite of this situation. Many people takes forever to fall asleep. Many of them have to wake up in the middle of the night and it was hard to wake up the next morning. Hard days often follow restless nights.

Insufficient Good Sleep Habits

Disturbances during this critical sleep stage have an impact on fatigue and the general condition that requires rest. In traditional medicine, sleep is divided into five stages, each of stage plays a primary role in restoring bodily functions, process the experience gained and store what you learned in your memory.

sleep stage where you dream

Sleep Stage Where You Dream

Having the ideal sleep duration is important in generating body cell for health, that is why you need to know rem sleep and 5 stages of sleep where you dream process.

1. Sleep Stage: “dozing off” stage

In this sleep stages include the moment you fall asleep and the next five minutes. It occupies about four to six percent of the area. During this early sleep phase, the body relaxes more and more. The brain rests and enters a state of readiness. While the work of the muscles also slows down: you fall asleep.

Everyone knows the features of this stage. Because the brain normally rests before the muscles are ready. Therefore there is a feeling of falling. This is often accompanied by involuntary spasm of the muscles of the limbs. Sleep conditions in the natural sleep phase are also superficial. That’s why little distractions like little noises or lights are enough to wake us up.

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2. Stage – light sleep

Light sleep comes soon after falling asleep, but that lasts about half of the entire sleep, or 45 to 55 percent. Here the body rests: the heartbeat slows down, breathing relaxes and deepens. Body temperature dropped a little.

When you fall asleep you will be in this range from half to a full hour- assuming you sleep soundly and undisturbed. The body is now starting to process daily experiences, but the mind is still partially active, which helps to wake up quickly.

3&4. Stages 3/Medium – 4/Deep

Basically, 20 to 40 minutes after a light sleep phase you go into a medium deep sleep phase where you fall back asleep. This phase usually takes only five to ten minutes.

However, it is the most important stage of sleep for the body and mind. It helps the body rebuild, which can lead to cell regeneration and repair of damage. In this sleep phase, as we age, the body releases a growth hormone called growth hormone.

Growth in children and adolescents takes place at this time. In the case of inflammation or during pregnancy and breastfeeding The stages of deep sleep become longer as a result, and vice versa as age increases.

At the end of the duration, it will decrease until there is no more deep sleep. And there is no secretion of growth hormone.

Results: The deep sleep stage is also the most intense relaxation point: brain and muscle activity is in minimized. We sleep particularly well. However, when a critical sleep phase is interrupted, it is difficult to awaken a person from deep sleep. The affected person feels that he has come out of his subconscious and must regain consciousness.

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5. Deep sleep phase

sleep stage where you dream

While the first four sleep stages 1-4 are summarized as non-REM sleep, the dream stage represents the so-called REM sleep. REM is short for English and means something like “rapid eye movement”. move your eyelids.

What is the deepest stage of sleep? In this sleep stage where you dream, you actually deepen during other phases of sleep: dreams are particularly long and intense during the REM phase, during which the body mainly processes daily sensory impressions.

In addition to knowledge, as well as eye and facial muscles. In this sleep stage when dreams occur, the skeletal muscles relax completely. This protects us from physical activity in the dream, but dream activity makes the heart beat faster. and breathing was rapid and relatively shallow.

Sleep disorders

Don’t worry, it’s normal to wake up for a few minutes while you sleep. This usually happens 10 to 30 times during the night. It’s hard to remember in the morning though, but a person suffering from insomnia doesn’t fully fall asleep after a few normal minutes. but really woke up. That is why sleep more than six hours each night is important to fully rest your body and mind.

As a result, the 5 sleep phases are no longer a routine The light sleep phase is usually very long.

It becomes important when which sleep stage do you dream in the vital phases of deep sleep are more severely interrupted or absent. If this happens more often or the next day, you risk fatigue and long-term health damage. Having sleep better at night naturally is important also. But for mild and isolated insomnia, you should see a doctor. The following advice can do little miracles.

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