5 Ideas for Coronavirus Social Distancing Activities

Staying home does not have to be boring with fun Coronavirus social distancing activities. The outbreak has forced schools and offices to close and events to be postponed. We are told to practice social distancing to flatten the curve.

Staying home is a good way to protect yourself and others from the virus. But being stuck inside for too long can cause stress – especially so because many of us are unable to be with our loved ones. But don’t worry. Here are some Coronavirus social distancing activities you can try.

1. Plan an Online Lunch Date

eating lunch online social distancing activities
Set a time with your friends, family, or significant other to have lunch from your respective homes. Then, at lunch time, do a video call or use online meeting platforms. This way you can see each other’s faces and chat over lunch like you used to before social distancing. It’s not a physical meeting, but it’s the closest you can get.

2. Throw a (Netflix) Party

Netflix has launched a feature called Netflix Party, a Google Chrome extension that enables you and your friends to watch together online. You can chat with friends on the bar next to the screen. Even better, the playback is synchronized. So if someone pauses to use the bathroom, the video pauses for everyone. It’s a great way to have fun with friends without actually meeting them.

3. Take a Walk

Being cooped up too long is not good for your health, particularly if you don’t have a balcony or a yard. It’s alright to take a walk outside. But make sure to practice social distancing and keep a 6-feet distance away from other people. And after that, don’t forget to disinfect your shoes, wash your hands and clothes, and take a shower!

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4. Do Online Workouts

Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit. Many gyms are offering free online workouts twice or three times a day. To make it even more fun, set up an online meeting with your friends and do it together. Starting your day with a morning workout with friends can be a good way to lift your mood.

5. Learn New Things Together

Currently, many online course providers and top universities are giving classes for free. So why not do Coronavirus social distancing activities that help you learn something? Not only is it a great distraction, but you can also use the skills you learn to advance your career after the pandemic is over. It’s even better if you sign up with your friends and help each other learn.
Why Having Fun Is Important

Staying at home can increase your stress levels. Some of us are on unpaid leave, have lost our job, have loved ones at risk, and are unable to be with our friends and family. Stress can lower your immunity levels and affect your physical health. So, the social distancing activities above can be a great way to manage your stress, keep in touch, and stay healthy. Have fun trying those Coronavirus social distancing activities!

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