Flat Feet: Symptoms, Term, Disadvantages, Causes, Treatments, Exercises

Common Symptoms Of Flat Feet – Flat feet refers to a medical condition which involves fallen of arches of the feet and is related to bones. The arch under the feet is important for effective feet movement.

Flat Feet Medical Term

The difference between paralyzed, traumatic and fixed flat feet.

Paralysis is found in polio and other strokes of traumatic origin, after fractures of the ankle joint or foot bones. The most common flat feet are static: It occurs as a result of excessive exertion of the foot and structural failure of the connective tissue.

What Happen With Flat Feet? Flat vs Normal Feet

5 Common Symptoms Of Flat Feet

Many people with this feet do not even realize that they have a flat feet since there are no symptoms.

Infants usually have naturally flat feet since their bones are in developmental phase and also their feet are unused therefore, having heavy flesh coating around the bones making them appear all the more flat. Treatment of this condition is required only if it becomes troublesome.

This problem can be divided into developmental and acquired types. Developmental flat feet is related to limited growth of arch’s bone structure whereas acquired flat feet is related to conditions like injury, arthritis, ligament tear etc.

In this segment we will discuss various symptoms of flat feet to help our readers determine this condition.

Flat Foot Disadvantage

It will not cause discomfort if the level of flat feet is small. But if the feet are severely deformed, undesirable consequences will occur – the legs quickly get tired and swell and begin to hurt.

As stated above, the arch of the foot is required to spring and distribute weight while walking and standing. When the foot is not loaded, it falls on another joint – the knee, hip. It hurts. It changes the way a person walks. The spine also suffers. Flat feet can cause serious problems. including movable cervical discs.

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Flat Feet Causes

  • The legs are not loaded sufficiently. If you don’t do enough walking, running, exercise activities, or just sitting or sleeping all the time, your muscles will not contraction, it can weaken and will not be able to do basic functions properly.
  • The legs not load properly of cause too high. Due to being overweight or having to stand up without much movement Including uncomfortable shoes and high heels: It is not always possible to keep your feet in an uncomfortable position.
  • Injuries and diseases These are fractures, paralysis, childhood rickets.
  • However, sometimes flat feet are a genetic from parents when the curvature of the normal foot is not inherited.

Common Symptoms Of Flat Feet

The pain, which is not seen at first in the foot, continues over time. However, sometimes significant foot deformities are not accompanied by pain.


This is possibly the most common symptom of a flat feet. The pain is under the feet and may also be experienced in the lower back and legs. The reason this happens is because flat feet happens to put considerable stress on feet’s soft tissues and passing blood vessels and nerves.

Limited Function

The limited functionality of the feet puts persistent and slight pressure on the back and leg. Exposed to this pressure over a long period of time may lead to backache and pain in the leg along with the feet.

People suffering from severe flat feet syndrome may lose partial function of the feet. The flexibility that the feet exhibits while running, brisk walking and especially in using toes for standing might take a hit in cases of flat feet.

The feet tendons and arch of the feet are required for turning and twisting the feet. They give almost half of the functionality to the foot which is lost when a person suffers from significant flat feet condition.


Swelling may be a fallout of pain in the feet. However, it may not necessarily follow a bout of pain. In some people because of the bones malformation, the tissue and flesh under the arch may seem to be protruding a little under the feet giving it a cushion look and feel. Tenderness of this part will usually take place only if you have pain also.

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Due to loss of partial feet functionality, person may feel tired very fast. Simple walking, slow run may become a tedious task not due to the pain but because person feels tired. The pressure on back, legs and feet exerted by flat feet actually causes this tiredness. Weakness in the feet and legs is yet another symptom that accompanies the tiredness. The factor that distinguishes this tiredness from others is that it is felt only in the feet and legs.

Shape Of Foot

Though many people do not have any symptom of this condition, a close examination of feet can bare this condition. Since this is a bone related issue, it reflects in the shape of your feet as well. The feet will be flat and twisting it with your hands may cause considerable resistance.

The best way to determine this condition is to take a foot print on wet clay. If the imprint has almost uniform depth at the arch compared to rest of the feet then this will indicate flat feet.

How To Know If I have Flat Feet

The diagnosis of flat feet is based on the characteristics of the patient’s standing. X-ray image of the forefoot and height measurement of the longitudinal arch of the foot bone scan.

How To Fix Flat Feet

Flat feet exercises to treat and prevent flat feet have great advantages: they are fun and not boring. Some people like working out in the school gym.

  • Walk with your toes and heels on the inside and outside of your feet.
  • Walk with your toes closed and raised.
  • Take off your shoes and roll your feet into a ball or narrow water bottle.
  • Lift small items Get off the ground using your toes.
  • Stand still, turn from one foot to the other.
  • Sit or lie down with your feet facing each other.
  • Do these exercises throughout the day, for example while sitting at a desk. Instead, roll your feet or walk on your toes and heels on the way home from work.

Flat Feet Treatment

Treatment of flat feet is conservative. Use for foot support, foot massage, rehabilitation gymnastics, swimming in case of severe pain. to indicate surgery.

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