5 Symptoms Of Joint Arthritis: Feels Like and Identification

Joint arthritis is a severe medical condition, which causes acute pain and inflammation in the joints of the body. It may affect people of any age group. The symptoms of Joint arthritis may affect each person differently.

Some people may experience and suffer from this syndrome for a very long period of time, where as others could be relieved in a couple of days.

The symptoms of Joint arthritis may be difficult to diagnose as they may be common in other diseases also. So, it is important to understand different symptoms of joint arthritis to be able to identify it from other medical condition. It is always effective to observe the symptoms for some time and consult the doctor explaining the pattern of the symptoms that you might observe.

Important Symptoms of Joint Arthritis

Pain and Swelling

Pain is one of the hallmark symptoms of Joint arthritis. People suffering from Joint arthritis often complain of the acute pain in the joints of knees, arms, fingers, hip and other parts of the body. The pain usually lasts for a long time, leaving people panting for relief. Swelling of the area around the affected joints is also a painful symptom of Joint arthritis.


Stiffness is an important symptom of Joint arthritis. You may observe that your body has become very stiff and painful in the morning time.

It may also happen when you have been sitting idly for some time. It is essential that you do not ignore this medical condition and consult the doctor for further diagnosis.

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Fever and Fatigue

Fever may come and go occasionally, causing high levels of fatigue in the person suffering from Joint arthritis. Many people ignore these symptoms and think that these symptoms could be regular flu like problems, which would subside on their own. However, these could be some of the most crucial symptoms of Joint arthritis.


Crepitus is a very important symptom of identifying Joint arthritis. You may notice crackling sound of joints many times in your body, but consider it normal and gradually you begin to live with it. The crepitus might be painful for some people, where as others would not experience any pain in the body.

Crepitus in Joint arthritis may be due to cartilage deformity of the joints. If you hear the crackling sounds regularly, you must consult a doctor and check the basis of crepitus in the body.

Extreme Weight Loss and Irritability

Joint arthritis may lead to extreme weight loss and irritability. The body might become very tired and restless and you may observe occasional spurts of anger. It is essential not to ignore this issue and observe if the symptom persists for a considerable period of time or not. If you notice it to be a regular problem, then it can be a symptom of Joint arthritis and needs proper treatment.

Identification of the symptoms of Joint arthritis in their early stages can help in the treatment and you may not have to bear with the excruciating pain and face different joint related difficulties in your day to day life.

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