6 Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever In Adults and Rheumatic Heart Disease

Symptoms of rheumatic fever is quite common and occurs worldwide, affecting more than 2 million people across the globe. The worst part is that this fever affects children primarily between the age group of 5 to 15.

What Is Rheumatic Fever Disease

What are the symptoms of rheumatic fever? The symptoms of this fever are many and normally develop between 1 to 5 weeks after the throat infection.

Rheumatic Fever Disease Symptoms

All symptoms might not be bothersome but for children these tend to get serious many times.

Some symptoms are quite common and suggest the condition, while many others are uncommon and quite rare and need careful medical attention before the actual confirmation of the condition.

Diagnosis of Rheumatic fever is very crucial because undiagnosed and hence untreated disease condition may ultimately lead to death in some patients. Here are some such symptoms which will help you to understand, if you are or someone else has developed rheumatic fever.

Signs and Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever

Pain In The Joints

The most common symptom is swelling and pain in body joints which affects 4 out of 5 people. The joints which are generally affected are elbows, ankles, knees and wrists.

Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever In Adults

The worst part is that pain occurs in all the joints at the same time, which makes movement really difficult. This symptom of arthritis occurs in the first four weeks.

Heart Inflammation

This is one of the most serious symptoms of rheumatoid fever, though very common.

Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever

Inflammation of the heart or carditis (source) occurs in 40% cases and unfortunately common in case of children.

Breathing Problems

The inflammation of the heart causes breathing problems since the heart finds it difficult to pump blood in the body.

6 Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever In Adults and Rheumatic Heart Disease

This leaves the individual gasping for breath and causing immense breathlessness.

Other symptoms due to heart inflammation are rapid heartbeats, feeling of tiredness and exhaustion, chest pain and uneasiness, persistent coughing and shortness of breath. All these symptoms can last for many months.

Nerve Inflammation

Rheumatoid fever causes inflammation of nerves which is often referred to as sydenham chorea. This causes a number of problems in the individual and most of these are uncontrollable and involuntary.

Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever In Adults

This includes sudden twitching of the hands and feet and immense difficulty in accomplishing a few tasks which need fine movements of the hand like writing. It also causes difficulties in motion, causes sudden emotional outbursts through laughing loudly or crying without any proper reason.

Skin Rashes

Children between the age of 1 to 10 suffering from rheumatic fever tend to develop skin rashes. These are non itchy and mostly painless but are noticed easily.

Symptoms Of Rheumatic Fever In Adults

These rashes are mainly in the chest and back. The symptoms can stay for a few weeks or months. However, the symptom of skin rashes is not common in adults.

Lesser Known Symptoms

Many symptoms of rheumatic fever are less common and occur in a few cases. These include the occurrence of painless bumps or small lumps just under the skin. High temperature with abdominal pain also occurs in many cases and needs to be taken care of. Nosebleeds also occur in a few cases.

Rheumatoid fever is often associated with sudden outburst of a few symptoms altogether. It is crucial recognize the symptoms correctly.

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