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Effective Treatments Of Arthritis In The Hands : From Natural To Medication

What Arthritis On Hand Affected Area?

Arthritis affects the various joints in the hand and the hand has many joints in the wrists as well as in the fingers.

Arthritis in the hands will affect one’s day to day activities if not treated in time using natural remedies which lessen the condition, or with the help of medications, some of which can also have side effects or surgery in extreme cases.

Whatever the treatment, it should be done properly and strictly, if not the hands may become useless in the future.

Treatment of Arthritis in the Hands

Natural Remedies

As it is the cartilage that is affected, that should be treated first. Tissue building minerals should be included in the daily diet to lessen the condition and make the bones stronger.

Eggs as well as dairy products included in the diet will show improvement in the affected person’s condition.

Raw juice from green leafy vegetables, carrot, celery, red beet will help melt the deposits around the joint which will make a lot of difference to arthritis.

Sesame seeds soaked in water overnight and taken on an empty stomach the next morning is another excellent remedy.

There are also some activities to ease the pain by doing exercises for arthritis in hand.

Use of Medicines

Damaged cartilage cannot be restored or joints cannot be reversed, but medications can prevent further damage of the cartilage as well as joints.

There are over the counter medications such as Tylenol and Advil that give relief to joint pain and inflammation around the joints in the hand.

There are prescription drugs also which give relief to the patient. But whatever the medication taken, one has to consult a doctor before taking it as some medicines are likely to have side effects when taken along with other medications.

When going in for prescription drugs the doctor should be informed about other regular medications to avoid other complications.

Taking Injections

If medications are found to have no effect one can go in for injections that are anesthetic in nature and steroids.

But it should not be continued for long as side effects like the weakening of tendons and ligament and lightening of skin can occur.

These injections are sometimes accompanied by splinting which helps support the joints when conducting daily activities. But it should not be worn for a long period of time.


Surgery is the only option when non-surgical methods prove to be ineffective. But only a surgeon who is well qualified and experienced in surgery should be approached.

Surgery brings long term pain relief to the affected person, but this is done only if the joints can be conserved or reconstructed, that means, not much damage has occurred.

But in cases of extreme damage, a fusion or joint replacement is done. Joint fusion relieves pain; on the other hand, the joint will stop moving. Joint replacement provides both, pain relief as well as joint motion.

Ceramics or long wearing metal as well as plastic parts are used for replacement which increases the function as well as the longevity of the joint replaced.

But this surgery needs the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable surgeon as a small mistake may end up in the non-functioning of the whole hand.

5 Causes Of Hand Arthritis And What It Feels Like

Who Most Suffer Arthritis On Hand?

Arthritis in hands is a common ailment often observed to cause severe pain and swelling.

hand arthritis causes

Each hand comprises of more than 25 bones, giving a lot of room for arthritis to thrive in the weak joints.

Hand arthritis is considered to be one of the most painful disabilities as it directly affects the ability to perform the daily chores.

It hinders everything that may involve a little strength of hands, such as holding a bottle tightly, opening the lids or turning around the keys.

In its early stages, this medical condition may be mild, but when it moves to its advanced stages, it begins to hurt manifolds.

This condition is likely to hit more men than women before they reach 45 years of age, however the story turns around after 45, and it begins to trouble more women than men, post 45 years of age.

Knowing the causes of arthritis of the hands helps to understand the reason of this painful condition.

What The Causes of Hand Arthritis

Wear and Tear

The wear and tear of the cartilage and ligaments is known to be one of the most common causes of Hand arthritis.

It leads to deep and severe pain, often deteriorating the basic formation of the hands.

As the bones begin to weaken by rubbing against each other, the joints tend to feel the brunt of the use and abuse and leads to the arthritis of the hands incapacitating you from performing your regular work.

There are some exercise for hand with arthritis to ease the pain that you can do everywhere.

Formation of Cysts

The formation of cysts, commonly caused due to different diseases also cause hand arthritis.

The cyst in your hand can damage the structure of your hands and may also lead to compress the joints of your hands.

This can cause severe pain and discomfort, especially if the cyst is formed on the finger tips.


Irrespective of the age, any trauma or damage experienced in the hands can lead to hand arthritis.

The serious trauma or injury caused in the hands may affect the ligaments or the cartilage resulting in harming and deteriorating the formation of the bones in your hands, which may eventually lead to arthritis in the hands.


Many times a person with a family history of arthritis is prone to experience arthritis in hands.

Initially, the symptoms may be mild and the disease may go unrecognized, but as the age starts to catch up, you may find the adverse effects of arthritis on your hands.

The hand arthritis most frequently occurs in the joints situated at the base of the thumb.

This is the place where the wrist meets the thumb. You may find bumps near the area affected due to arthritis.

You may also observe arthritis in the center of your finger and at the end of the finger that is the closest to the nail.

Bacteria and Virus

Bacteria and viruses are known to be one of the main causes of hand arthritis. It may arise due to any unhealed injury that may cause the bacteria or virus to spread through the blood.

It can lead to infection causing thickening of the membranes in the joints of the hands. In severe cases, the hands may lose their original shape and utility factor.