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10 Things You Need To Know Know about Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

1. Millions Suffer Hemorrhoids Only In America

Approximately 10 million people in America suffer from hemorrhoids. They are swollen veins in the rectum or around the anus.

External hemorrhoids cause more pain and itching. They are the cause of bright red rectal bleeding.

Don’t always assume the bleeding is coming from hemorrhoids, however. Colo-rectal cancer can also cause extensive rectal bleeding.

You will need to see your doctor to rule out cancer or other serious causes that the bleeding is coming from.

Once it is ruled hemorrhoids, it is very important to seek bleeding hemorrhoids treatment for them.

They don’t usually bleed enough to cause a serious medical condition, but it important that you are treated quickly.

2. Using OTC Effectiveness

Over-the-counter treatments, like usual hydro-cortisone creams, may very well help prevent the need for surgery as part of the need for bleeding hemorrhoids treatment.

These creams are also very good at reducing discomfort, itching, and the swelling of external bleeding associated with hemorrhoids.

Another over the counter medicine to try are suppositories, but note that they can take up to several weeks to work.

3. Popular Hemorrhoids treatment

Laser surgery is a very popular and often sought after bleeding hemorrhoid treatment. The laser will cauterize the blood vessels and help completely stop the bleeding.

The laser treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids will not have any incisions, and the recovery time is much quicker.

Therefore, it is easier for people to get back to their normal life, work and diets. After the treatment there are no stitches that need to be removed.

About 100% of people who have laser treatment report a successful outcome.

4. Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Treatment

Treating bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy. One of the first things a pregnant woman needs to do is to determine whether or not the symptoms appeared before or during the pregnancy.

If they were there first and are becoming worse as the pregnancy progresses, then it’s best to seek treatment immediately.

This would include a dietary fiber supplement to relieve constipation and help reduce straining. Anesthetics and steroids can provide some short-term relief, as well.

With pregnancy, you have to be very careful at the type of bleeding hemorrhoids treatment you seek out, as you don’t want to do anything that could potentially harm yourself or your baby.

5. Natural Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

Natural bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is another way to go. There are a variety of different natural treatment for hemorrhoid.

You can try sitz baths, promote good diet change, use analgesics or just get some rest. Remember that only extreme cases of bleeding hemorrhoids will need some type of surgery.

Another natural way to help bleeding hemorrhoids is to drink plenty of cold water. If you are someone that suffers from hemorrhoids a lot, then this is especially a good idea. Also try to limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine you consume.

Get plenty of fiber as this will allow for your stools to be the right texture, which will help with the passing of the stools. Make sure you get all the nutrients you will need.

6. Home Remedies Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Did you know that you could use a common household staple for bleeding hemorrhoids treatment?

Witch hazel can be used for all kinds of treatments, but it is a very effective treatment for irritation, pain, and itching that is associated with bleeding external hemorrhoids.

It is an astringent and it will constrict the tissue surrounding the hemorrhoid, and it will not only relieve the discomfort, but help heal it too. You need to either add it to your sitz bath, or apply the witch hazel using a cotton ball.

You need only leave it on for ten minutes, any more ant id could irritate the area.

7. Best Nutrient for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Nutrients for bleeding hemorrhoids treatment. First and foremost, you should definitely avoid hot and spicy foods.

They will irritate your intestine and stomach, and make any hemorrhoid situation that much worse.

Spicy food will cause your hemorrhoid to burn and became inflamed, so avoid it at all costs. Next, take Rutin for your bleeding hemorrhoids.

We’ve already learned one big cause of hemorrhoids is the weak blood vessels, so rutin, which is a flavonoid, will make it much easier for your body to absorb Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps play a part in fortifying blood vessels. Rutin is found in broccoli, onions, and citrus fruits.

8. Simple Treatment

Another interesting way for bleeding hemorrhoids treatment is exercise. Yes, that one word that some love and others hate.

Exercise will help provide long-term relief that you are looking for with treatment of hemorrhoids.

Even if it’s just simple walking this will help you.

If you include exercise as part of your daily lifestyle routine, it will help provide hemorrhoid relief and help combat the symptoms that are associate with the pain and discomfort.

Add a 20-30 minute walking routine in your day and it will help with your overall bowel movements.

9. Underwear For Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Will certain underwear help in bleeding hemorrhoids treatment? Absolutely! Natural-fiber underwear is something to look into.

What this does is help increase oxygen flow to the sensitive and irritated anal areas.

You need to have air flow there in order th keep the correct balance of moisture that is contained in the anal region.

If you use natural fibers, this is a great way to enhance moisture control and will also help dry out the inflamed and irritated area.

10. Treatment for Extreme Bleeding Hemorrhoids

A extreme bleeding hemorrhoids treatment will be rubber band ligation.

This is a procedure wherein the hemorrhoid is tied off at its base with rubber bands, thence cutting off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid.

The doctor inserts an anoscope and grabs the hemorrhoid with an instrument. The rubber band cuts the blood flow, allowing for the hemorrhoid to shrink and then die.About a week after, this falls off. 

The doctor will ask if the band is too tight once it’s placed on. If they are too painful, medicine may be injected to help with the discomfort. This type of treatment is limited to one or two hemorrhoids at a time.

5 Bad Bleeding Hemorrhoids Foods To Avoid

Bleeding Hemorrhoids and Diet

You should pay attention to the bleeding hemorrhoids foods to avoid unless it’s more painful. Hemorrhoid is caused by some factors, such as sitting for a long time and a bad dietary habit. Because, if you consume foods that irritate hemorrhoids and interfere with the digestive system, then you will feel the pain that is getting worse, especially during bowel movements.

Hemorrhoid is surely torturing. Even though this disease is not a really serious disease, hemorrhoids can disturb your daily activity since it is painful, sore, and itchy.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids Foods To Avoid

What Should Food Avoid for Bleeding Hemorrhoids?

In order to prevent the disease from getting worse, you must know the foods that cause hemorrhoids to flare up when bleeding hemorrhoids.


For a cheese lover, they must avoid consuming cheese until the hemorrhoid is totally healed. Even though this food ingredient can make meals taste more savory and more delicious, cheese does not contain enough fiber.

On the other hand, hemorrhoid sufferers should consume enough fiber to make the digestive system works well. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, cheese is included in what foods should not eat with hemorrhoids.


The next unrecommended food to avoid bleeding hemorrhoid is chips. Chips are dried and lack of fibers. This is why people who are suffering from hemorrhoids or piles are not suggested to consume too many chips in order to prevent the disease from getting even worse.

Spicy Foods

Avoiding or at least limiting the consumption of spicy foods is important for hemorrhoid sufferers. For your information, spicy foods are able to irritate the stomach and blood vessels around the anus so that swelling occurs.

The condition then can trigger hemorrhoids or even make the disease even more severe by bleeding. Moreover, spicy foods are also able to worsen digestive problems.

Fatty Foods

Fatty foods and fried foods are able to make the digestive system works harder. It takes a longer time for the digestive system to digest fatty foods. Because those foods cannot be digested well by the digestive system, this condition is capable of making hemorrhoids or piles more severe. This is why fatty foods put a person at a higher risk to get hemorrhoids and stomach ache.

Instead of frying the foods, it will be better for hemorrhoid sufferers to boil or steam the foods. For example, consume steamed eggs instead of fried eggs or scrambled eggs. Moreover, choose low-fat milk to drink and reduce the use of cooking oil and butter.

Those are the foods that can cause bleeding hemorrhoids. In order to heal the disease, you should not take those into your diet for hemorrhoid sufferers. And do not forget to change your dietary habits into the healthier one.