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Castor Oil for Arthritic Pain and Inflammation Treatment: These Benefits You Will Get

Ever felt that agonizing pain in your joints that seem to radiate down your body, leaving you in a helpless state? If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, then instead of rushing for a pain killer, grab a bottle of castor oil and massages it gently on the affected areas to relief swelling, stiffness and inflammation of the joints associated with arthritis. Continue reading

8 Castor Oil Benefits Can Make Your Life Healthier and Easier

Many know castor oil’s health properties and is widely used for medicinal purposes. Yet, this vegetable oil’s use for health is often underrated, for a number of reasons. This vegetable oil is found from the seeds of the castor plant, which is found in Africa and India. So, what are the health properties of this vegetable oil that makes it so special? Here is a look at the seven different benefits of this oil and how it is different. Continue reading