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Head Cold Symptoms: Know The Signs

There are a number of variations on what we consider to be the common cold. A frequently mentioned one is the head cold. A head cold is actually the very same thing as the common cold, and affects the upper respiratory tract of patients. Once a head cold infection progresses and travels down to affect the lungs and lower respiratory tract, it is known as a chest cold. Continue reading

Natural Home Remedies For Quick Common Cold And Cough And Medication In 24 Hours

Today there are a staggering number of products on drugstore shelves touting their cold-fighting prowess. But who should you believe? And if these products do relieve you of your symptoms, at what cost? Here we outline the most common and often misunderstood medications used for treating cold and cough symptoms. Continue reading

Ice Pack and Bath For Arthritis Treatment: How To Use Them Properly

How To Use Ice For Arthritis Treatment Ice or cold therapy numbs the joint areas affected by soreness, not allowing patients to perceive the pain and the symptoms associated with arthritis. Exposure to cold constricts the blood vessels, allowing the joint area to rest. It also helps in drastically reducing the swelling and discomfort of the joints, allowing you to remain active and practice exercise on a regular basis. Continue reading