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4 Outside Influences that Affect Self-Esteem Come From In Education

Have you ever realized the importance of self-esteem in education? It is known there is a correlation between self-esteem and school performance. This way, I would like to say that self-esteem is very important to let the pupils engage in many school activities, goals achieving, social interaction at school and learning process. These are one of the elements that the pupils should engage with their self-esteem. Continue reading

Avoid Problems At Work: 10 Tips Build Your Confidence and Performance, Be Successful

It is known there is a strong relationship between self-confidence and high performance at work. How to regain confidence at work when we doubt everything in our own selves? This happens to many people. Few of them get through this, but many of them get into self depression, bad career or school, and confusing social relationships. We need to solve this problem if we want to move forward. Continue reading

Lack of Confidence : Causes, Symptoms, Effects, Overcome

Lack of confidence in oneself is not a new thing to our ears. Many people spend thousands of dollars to a professional therapist to solve this problem. Dealing with low self-esteem issues is critical to the real risk of damaging our future. That is why you must know what is self-esteem is. Fortunately, it is a fact that we can solve this problem alone without a therapist.
Continue reading