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Fast Breakfast On The Go: Oat Porridge With Chocolate And Zucchini

Chocolate oat porridge with a secret ingredient: zucchini! For a satiating and nutritious vegan breakfast, but also delicious, perfect even if you are on a diet. The base of this oatmeal porridge with chocolate and zucchini is similar to that of many other normal porridges, you can season it with what you prefer and that adapts to your dietary needs. Continue reading

Breakfast On The Go: Cookies With Egg Omelette And Cream Cheese Sauce With Mustard

Breakfast On The Go: Cookies With Egg Omelette And Cream Cheese Sauce With Mustard

This breakfast on the go recipe for a surprise morning meal combines the classic flavor of the omelette, one of the main elements for breakfast, with the crunchy flavor of cookies. I love this option because it is a creative and original way to serve the first meal of the day, the ingredients are within our reach and it is a dish that is simply impossible to resist.
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importance of balanced diet and list samples

Importance Of Balanced Diet – Types And Food List Example for Daily Application

It mау bе challenging attempting tο stay wіth a healthy diet рlаn diet рlаn ѕhουld уου lead аn active lifestyle. Yes, аll οf υѕ thе romance thе thουght οf eating vibrant foods everyday аnd hаtе thе truth thаt wе sometimes don’t hаνе аnу сhοісе bυt tο gο fοr fаѕt meals bесаυѕе wе hаνе exhaust time οr аrе extremely tired tο organize anything better. Continue reading

Keto On A Budget Meal Plan: Find Cheap Protein Sources Around You

The keto diet is a carbohydrate-restricted diet. The goal is to normalize your body’s response to blood sugar and insulin levels. Ultimately, the keto diet will help you learn how to control your hunger.

However, there are many misconceptions regarding the ketogenic diet. This includes the fact that the diet should be high in protein and not contain carbohydrates. This imposes few restrictions on the available products and greatly increases the cost of the daily menu. Continue reading