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Essential Oils for Restless Legs Syndrome: Best 3 Natural Home Remedies and Recipes

Benefits of essential oils for restless legs can help you in relieve the following symptoms. Have you ever felt itchy or electrocuted feet? Or feel something moving under the skin around your feet or calves during the night? It could be a sign of restless legs syndrome. Continue reading

20 Benefits Essential Oils for Protection and Home Remedies

Benefits Essential Oils – We love to use essential oils for relaxation. It becomes something like therapy by using a scent that can relieve our stress. Even though mostly we use its scent, an essential oil also can be applied directly to the body to get its health benefits. Therefore, here, we will try to learn more about essential oil benefits for your health and as home remedies. Continue reading

Motion Sickness Treatments Symptoms-Based with Essential Oil and Blend Recipes

Symptoms of Motion Sickness

What is Motion Sickness meaning? For those who often go by car, train, airplane or ship can have a sensation such a motion or wooziness during the travel that cause your brain response it with unstable condition.  The result your body feel such as nausea or dizziness. Continue reading