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Castor Oil for Arthritic Pain and Inflammation Treatment: These Benefits You Will Get

Ever felt that agonizing pain in your joints that seem to radiate down your body, leaving you in a helpless state? If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, then instead of rushing for a pain killer, grab a bottle of castor oil and massages it gently on the affected areas to relief swelling, stiffness and inflammation of the joints associated with arthritis. Continue reading

7 Arthritis Herbal Treatment Home Remedies: Benefits and How To Use

Arthritis Herbal Treatment Home Remedies – So, many people do not prefer taking painkillers and other medicines (OTC for arthritis) for such long time and resort to safe herbal remedies to cure the joint pain. You can either buy herbal cures from the store or make them yourself. Herbal remedies are easy to make at home and you would be more satisfied because you’d know the exact ingredients added to make an herbal remedy. Continue reading

Drinking Green Tea Pros And Cons Hot or Cold Makes You Want To Drink Often

For a long time, green tea has been used to purify the body and, in general, to improve health. However, it has other beneficial health effects that not everyone knows. When you discover all the advantages of green tea, you will want to consume it at all times. Do you want to know what magical powers hide behind this delicacy?

10 Phenomenal Benefits of Green Tea Makes You Want To Drink Often

We have asked several experts for advice, and this is what they have told us about this magical infusion.


1. Acts as a soothing

Green tea has various components such as L-theanine, an amino acid that acts as a perfect candidate to reduce tension and promote relaxation.


2. Wrinkles Solution

Due to its high level of antioxidants, green tea prevents problems of premature skin aging. It can also help regenerate it, softening wrinkles or directly, preventing its appearance.


3. Help relieve pain and inflammation

Antioxidants and polyphenols have another beneficial effect: pain relief. If you drink a cup of green tea when something hurts or bothers you, you will feel much better, due to its powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.


4. Can help prevent cancer

Research conducted by McGill University in Montreal (Canada), found that the antioxidants contained in green tea could help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. In another analysis, a risk reduction of up to 18% of lung cancer was observed. These antioxidant substances typical of green tea have free radical scavenging activity, which can protect cells from damage.


5. Accelerate the metabolism

Several studies confirm that green tea accelerates metabolism, due to the oxidation power of fat present in its leaves, causing the body to burn calories faster and lose weight. This would explain that green tea is present in most slimming diets.


6. Improves heart health

The high antioxidant content of green tea makes it an ally to regulate the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and prevent it from being installed in the blood vessels. “There is research that proves that whoever drinks at least four cups of green tea daily reduces their chances of having a heart attack by half.”


7. Can prevent diabetes

A Dutch study showed in 2009 that people who drink three or more cups of tea daily are 40% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who do not consume this infusion. Tea controls blood sugar levels, regulates insulin, and protects against inflammations.


8. May help delay Alzheimer’s

Studies conducted by the University of Michigan, the University of Leeds, and research by Chinese scientist Mi Hee Lim suggest that EGCG in green tea (Epigallocatechin gallate, the main antioxidant of this infusion) seems to protect the brain from the accumulation of amyloid plaques. These are associated with brain deterioration and diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.


9. Help protect your teeth

One of the worst things about coffee is the effect it produces on the teeth, leaving the enamel darker than normal after prolonged consumption. But again, green tea to the rescue! London dentist Uchenna Okoye states that the fluoride found in tea inhibits the growth of bacterial plaque on teeth, prevents oral infections, and improves breath.


10. Makes you happier

The last reason, but not least, why it is good to consume green tea is that it allows you to be happier. According to Ginsberg, drinking green tea “makes you feel cheerful; it calms you down but makes you more attentive and focused, helps you meditate, and is healthy for your body.” Everything is benefits!


We do not doubt that you have a crazy desire to prepare and savor a good cup of green tea. If you have not been convinced of all its benefits for the body, nothing will!