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7 What Are Enriched Foods That Have More Calcium Than Milk

An adult should consume no less than 900 mg of calcium per day. To have them, it is thought culturally and traditionally that dairy products and cow’s milk should be used. However, calcium-rich foods are not certainly the ones you believe! In fact, seafood, vegetables, and small daily snacks can also offer this mineral in abundance to meet our daily needs without supplements. Also, sometimes, they contain more than milk.

7 Surprising Calcium-Rich Foods That Have More Calcium Than Milk

This kind of calcium-rich food is a good source as a food replacement for those who lactose intolerant.

Here are the best foods to fill with calcium and keep mental gaps and deficiencies at bay.


1) Algae among foods that contain more calcium

Algae calcium-rich food
Algae are still poorly understood and are a great source of minerals. In particular, they offer a high dose of calcium. Among the most generous algae in calcium, we find in order:

  • Black seaweed (1650 mg / 100 g)
  • Then the aonori
  • Followed by the ogonori
  • Sea lettuce
  • And finally the famous wakame (1000 mg / 100 g)

2) Herbs and spices, sources of minerals

algae calcium source food

You are not expected to find calcium here yet! However, keep in mind that if dried basil contains 2240 mg, thyme 1260 mg, or cinnamon 1080 mg per 100 g, it is rare for us to swallow those amounts every day. Also, these are just delicious additions to spray daily on a varied diet! But they help a lot! Here we find:

  • Dried basil
  • Dry salty
  • Meloukhia
  • Dried marjoram
  • Dried thyme and fresh thyme (dried thyme contains more)
  • Cinnamon
  • Cumin
  • Pepper
  • Oregano
  • Parsley


3) Fish and shellfish, other foods rich in calcium.

fish contain rich calcium

They are known for their intake of omega-3. That said, seafood products (fish and shellfish) often also provide many minerals and good nutrients: vitamin B12, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin D, etc. And, of course, they also have calcium in reserve. In order, here are some good sources:

  • Sardine in oil (798 mg / 100 g)
  • Salmon
  • Prawns
  • Scampi
  • Anchovy
  • Scallop
  • Flounder Baked
  • Bream (100 mg / 100 g)

4) Tofu, good food on this list of calcium-rich foods

Tofu good of calcium

Low in calories and high in protein, tofu makes us easily forget 150 mg of calcium from chicken eggs. In fact, this basic Asian and vegetarian diet offers no less than 350 mg per 100 g.


5) Dried fruits

As for these, we rarely eat 100 g of almonds every day! However, it allows you to eat calcium on the snack and soothe all small cravings during the day. Of course, this will be complemented with other calcium-rich foods on this list. In the list of nuts that contain this mineral, there are:

  • Almond 250 mg / 100 g)
  • Brazil nuts
  • Hazelnut
  • Pistachios
  • On the same shelf, dried figs provide 167 mg / 100 g! As for raisins, they provide 65 mg / 100 g, which is just below the nuts (70 mg).


6) Green vegetables also among the best foods to fill with calcium

green vegetable calcium rich food

As for vegetables, we are particularly happy with green vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables. On the menu, you can eat:

  • Leek
  • kale
  • Cooked spinach (they will be richer in calcium than raw spinach that still contains a good amount, about 100 mg versus 140 mg for cooked)
  • Above all, let’s not forget watercress and chard!


7) Beans and beans, other foods that provide significant amounts of calcium

bean calcium rich food

Rich in iron, economical, and very satisfactory. Thanks to the fibers they contain, they have their place on this list! The most notable are, for example:

  • Black beans that contain ten times more than white beans (160 mg / 100 g for blacks)
  • As well as lupine seeds
  • The mung beans
  • Unlike the others, chickpea has just under 100 mg with 90 mg / 100 g.

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