11 Doctor-Recommended Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster and Deep Sleep

Sleep is a psychological activity that is important for a human being. It helps the body to keep power while doing another activity. Normally, humans need to sleep for 7-9 hours per night but it also depends on some individuals.

Have you ever experienced some trouble going to sleep while you need to sleep faster? Sometimes it is not an easy task to do. So here is the list you have to do to make you sleep faster.

without having fallen asleep, you can not have sleep better, restful at night

11 Doctor-Recommended Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster and Deep Sleep

Breathing Exercise on Bubble

It may sound doesn’t make sense, but it works. A professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins stated that blowing bubbles help you feel calm to both your body and mind because it can be used as a breathing exercise. Another purpose of bubble blowing is to get rid of your worry and anxiety. The result of this easy, playful and simple action is helping you sleep faster with a peaceful mind.

Put lavender aroma in your room

asleep lavender aroma
The smell of lavender has some advantages for serious health healing. In the Journal of Biological and Medical Rhythm Research, there is a study that reveals the scent of lavender can stimulate the senses and have the effect of relaxation. The relaxed feeling can put someone to sleep faster and wake up with a fresh body and mind.

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Music calms your mind

hear music before sleep
Choose slow tempo music to be listened to before sleep. The study said that music with less than 80 BPM can reduce the sympathetic nervous system activity. You will get to focus more on sleep and eventually will sleep faster.

Do a 10 minutes activity before going to sleep

reading before sleep

reading 10 menit before sleep to falling asleep faster

A psychology professor at the University of Hertfordshire finds out that you will stay awake for a while if in the next 15 minutes you still can’t fall asleep. The solution to this is you need to distract your mind by doing some activities around 10 minutes, then go to bed, you will sleep right away.

Remove the blue light

turn the light off

turn the light off and you can drowsy faster

The blue light can minimize the production of melatonin, the hormone that helps you feel sleepy. The best idea to sleep faster is to turn off all the blue light in your entire room before going to bed.

Decrease the room temperature

cooler air temperatur before sleep

cooler air temperatur before sleep

Your body will lose some power in the night and so the body’s temperature. to be in line with the body condition, set your room temperature around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help you sleep faster than before.

Take a shower

take shower before to go bed can make deep sleep

take shower before to go bed can make deep sleep

The warm water decreases your body temperature. As mentioned above, the lower temperature can make you sleep faster. Another option, you also can grab a cup of hot water.

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Wearing socks

image wearing sock make foot comfort for sleep

The study in Nature shows that using socks and keeping feet warm simulate the body to sleep faster. It is related to the statement from psychology author Kurt Kräuchi which says that the temperature of hand and feet is the psychological predictor of sleeping faster. Wearing sock also useful for you for sleeping during the flight.


image sleep and dream

Imagining peaceful images while going to sleep can be a way to help you fall asleep faster. That is the research finding published in Behavior Research and Therapy.

4-7-8 Method

Here is how to do it. Exhale completely through your mouth, inhale through your nose 4 seconds, hold the breath 7 seconds, then exhale again. Repeat it three times and you will for sure can sleep faster.

Having Romantic Night

romantic night before sleep

Try having a romantic night before going to sleep. You will see how it helps you sleep faster.

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