Turmeric for Hemorrhoids : How Effective This Home Remedy To Heal Your Pain?

Turmeric for hemorrhoids is a good alternative if you want to treat this disease without using chemical medication. However, is turmeric effective for treating hemorrhoids? How to use it?

Well, although this remedy is known to be effective, if the disease or symptom is not seen to get better, you must consult this problem immediately.

What Is Turmeric For Hemorrhoids?

Turmeric itself contains some types of nutrition and substances including fat, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin C, iron, phosphor, calcium, and antioxidant. Some other people also try the effectiveness of witch hazel in curing hemorrhoids as home remedy fast and naturally to relieve the pain.

turmeric for hemorrhoids

Meanwhile, it has antibiotic and antibacterial characteristics that can deal with the hemorrhoid problem. So, how is it to use this home remedy to treat hemorrhoids? Here are the explanations.

Turmeric as Medication to Consume

If you want to consume turmeric to heal hemorrhoids, you cannot use it only. There are some ingredients to prepare.

They are around 250 grams of turmeric, an egg, a teaspoon of honey, and 2 teaspoons of lime water. The steps to make the traditional medication are as follow.

Peel off the turmeric and wash it using water until it is completely clear. Grate the turmeric without additional water.

Mix the turmeric water with honey, lime water, and egg’s yolk. Stir it thoroughly and drink it.

You only need to consume the mixture once a day but the consumption must be done regularly until the hemorrhoid is getting better.

Commonly, the result of turmeric for hemorrhoids treatment can be seen after a week. (Read also: How These Secrets of Garlic Can Treat Your Hemorrhoids Just From Home)

Turmeric as Ointment to Apply

While consuming the mixture of turmeric and other ingredients mentioned above, it is better to apply it also on the area with the disease.

Chop or pulverize around 2 or 3 pieces of turmeric and then put it in a small bowl. Add some water and boil it until it is warmer but not until boiled.

The mixture should be in the form of porridge and it is applied directly on the hemorrhoids area. It is suggested to apply this method only before sleeping.

Despite the turmeric and water, you can also add some drops of essential oil into your natural home remedies for curing hemorrhoids fast.

Some types of essential oils are suggested more than the others’ they are coconut and olive oil. If there is apple vinegar, you can add it as well.

The substance in turmeric is indeed well-known to deflate the swelling area in hemorrhoids.

Besides, it is effective to relieve the pain and uncomfortable feeling when being suffered from the disease.

Meanwhile, if you consume it, turmeric relieves constipation, one of the hemorrhoids main causes. So, are you interested to use turmeric for healing hemorrhoids?

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