What BMI Is Considered Obese For Men and Women

Have you been thinking about how ideal your body is? Sometimes weight can be a problem in our life. Did you know that having a certain weight and body tall is one of many ways to know if our body is ideal or not? With the correct way, we can measure it.

The way we measure it is called Body Mass Index or BMI in short. With this BMI, we may know does our body is already ideal or obese. So, what BMI is considered obese? Before we jump into that, we will talk about BMI first.

What Bmi Is Considered Obese

What is BMI?
Body Mass Index, or BMI, in short, is the best way to measure and value our body weight. Is it healthy or not? Learn about this morbidly obese BMI. It is a standard metric to determine people, which were considered in healthy weight type and which were not in healthy weight type.

Body Mass Index or BMI can measure it by comparing your weight with your height, in kilograms with meters squared.

It is a basic math formula to measure your BMI. The formula of BMI is = weight in kilograms divided by height in meters². As an example, a man with notable height and weight is 70 kilograms and 180 centimeters.

To measure his BMI, first, you have to turn his centimeters height into meters, which is 1.80 meters. And then multiply 1.80 with 1.80, the result will be 3,24. Finally, you can measure the man’s BMI, which is 70 divides 3.24, and the result is 21,60. Is it healthy or not?

BMI has some categories to determine if you have a healthy weight or not. If it’s under 18,5, then your weight is considered to be less. If your body weight is around 18,5 up to 22,9, then congratulations, it is ideal.

Your weight can be considered excessive if they reach 23 up to 29,9. So, what BMI is considered obese? If they passed more than 30. As a result of that man we measured before, he is ideal and healthy. Because his BMI is 21,60.

Solution for excess and obesity
Obesity is one of the main problems of people from around the world. There are seven troubles that may come when our body weight is considered to be obese, and those troubles are deadly. It may end our life.

They are heart/stroke diseases, the second type of diabetes, cancers, gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout, and sleep apnea. They are the main problems of death cause in our modern age.

As the solution for a diet to avoid obesity. You may eat fewer carbs and eat a lot of protein, calcium, and others. It is best to avoid eating direct sugars. One fun fact, when carbs touch our saliva in our mouth, they will turn into sugars.

As a summary, so what BMI is considered obese? If the final measure result passed more than 30, it is obesity. Mine is at 23,7, which is in the excessive weight category. I tried to eat two times a day as a new method, hope it works.

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