What Essential Oils are Good for Yeast Infection? This Is The List

Yeast infection is such a disgusting kind of infection that we might encounter. This can happen to any part of our body. Some people are just not that clean, and some other people are just unfortunate because of skin conditions that are not in a good state.

What Is Yeast Infection?

The common yeast infection is the vulvovaginal candidiasis that happens to women. This is very annoying as it is irritating and uncomfortable. Nobody wants to have a yeast infection as it can take time to be fully healed from this infection.

So, this is good to know the symptoms and to get to know what can cause this yeast infection in your vital organ. Apparently, yeast is always in your vagina, healthy vagina has that. However, if it grows too much, this can lead to infection and it causes you problems.

Of course this will be a disappointment for you who are sexually active, because then you can only do your routine after you are 100% healed from the yeast infection.

List Of Essential Oils for Yeast Infection

You may try some essential oils to help you out to fight against any yeast infection.

Tea Tree

Besides being popular as one of the ingredients in a skincare product or treatment, tea tree oil is believed to have the anti-fungal substance that will help you out to control the yeast. This is believed that the tea tree oil can simply be used as the product to care for your infected area.

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You can discuss it with your doctor and create your own liquid wash to clean up the infected area. Tea trees are not like other essential oils like clove or cinnamon as they can cause a burning sensation.

It will not be comfortable for sure if that is your very personal and sensitive area in your body. So, tea tree is definitely a good choice to fight against the yeast infection.

Geranium Essential Oil

Still, searching what essential oils are good for yeast infection? You can go to Geranium essential oil. Combined with medical treatment, you can use this to help you out with washing routine.

This is good for you to use the geranium oil to massage your infected area after you clean it. This will help to fight the yeast and it can protect you from the yeast infection. So besides it can help to cure, it is also good to prevent the infection.

Other Tips to Treat Yeast Infection Internally

You can also make an oral remedy for your yeast infection by using a capsule. The clove essential oil can be used to treat yeast infection from the inside. As we have mentioned, you should not use clove essential oil as one of the washing substances as it is too strong for your personal area. You can simply find out how to use it with the capsule and start to take it to get rid of the yeast infection. So, those are what essential oils are good for yeast infection that you can use effectively.

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