What Essential Oils Are The Best For Hangnails Infections

Everyone must ever experience hangnails. Yes, this one is very annoying and hurts so much. Some people even had terrible pain because they have been treating the wound wrong. Doing daily activities can be challenging by having an infected hangnail.

Sure this will take time to deal with the swelling and constant pain. But you can actually heal quite fast at home by using essential oils. There are so many essential oils that can be found and people use it as aromatherapy, beauty care, and many more.

Hangnail Treatment with Essential Oil

You can also use the essential oils as a natural home remedy to take care of your hangnail. It is possible to use the essential oils for hangnails as it worked for some people. The substance in the essential oil can help you out to get rid of the pain.

Sure there will be a process that you need to do to ensure that you do it consistently. So, let’s fix your hangnail and simply avoid terrible infection.

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How To USe Essential Oils to tReat Hangnails Infections?

You can simply use essential oil to be the addition of your treatment. First, avoid to bite off your hangnail. This will worsen your hangnail as it will tear the skin. Once you cut it, it will bleed and simply cause infection from bacteria or even fungi and this is not good at all.

Best Essential Oil to Remove Hangnails

You simply remove the hangnail safely by following this process. You should wash your hand as this is mandatory because it will avoid spreading germs to the infected area. Use the warm and soapy water to soften the hangnail.

Then, you can use petroleum jelly or the best essential oil to remove hangnails like tea tree oils. This is good because as we know that essential oil, especially tea tree contains anti-inflammation. This is going to be easier for you to get rid of your hangnail.

You can use the cuticle scissor or nail clipper to cut it properly without damaging the other area. These essential oils for hangnails will also prevent the swelling in case you cut it off and draw blood. You will also feel the soothing feeling which is very good to feel less pain on your fingers.

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How To Avoid the Hangnail Pains

Because this can happen anytime, it is possible for you to avoid this hangnail. Always notice how chemicals give side effects to your skin. For example, hand washes soap or the dishes soap. If you are badly affected by that, you need to wear gloves because it will protect your skin from dryness.

Do not cut the cuticles too. Always use moisturizer because that will be very helpful for you to keep it hydrated and to avoid any crack. By doing all of those, you will be able to keep your skin in good condition.

It is better to avoid the hangnail to happen rather than fixing it. You also need to avoid the temptation to bite your nail off as it will be hard to stop. We all know that so many people have this habit and cause painful hangnails.

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