What is Epsom Salt Good For? : Here is The List

Epsom salt is a popular product for health treatment. However, many people still see it as a “salt”. That’s wrong. Even though it has “salt” word in it, Epsom salt is not a salt. Just try to taste it. You will find that it tastes bitter, not salty like salt. Moreover, the chemical formula for Epsom salt is very different than the common salt.

Epsom Salt Chemical Formula

epsom salt chemical formula

epsom salt chemical formula

The table salt or common salt that you use for cooking and taste salty has NaCl chemical formula. Therefore, this common salt is also called Sodium Chloride (Sodium = Na, Chloride = Cl). On the other hand, the chemical formula for Epsom salt is MgSO4 or Magnesium Sulfate (Magnesium = Mg, Sulfate = SO4). By looking at the chemical formula, you can easily see, both salts are a different kind of substance.

What Epsom Salt Made Of?

Here, you might have this question. If it is different, what Epsom salt is made of? Based on its chemical formula, you can see two main substances that are used to made Epsom salt. They are Magnesium and Sulfate. It was made by hydrating these substances. It takes a long and more complicated process. But, the essence of that process is the hydrating process.

List of Epsom Salt Good for

image epsom salt good for

Now, once you know what Epsom salt is made of, you might be wondering what kind of good thing you can use this salt for. Here are several things you can try with Epsom salt.

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Epsom salt for Hemorrhoids

One of the most popular usages, Epsom salt is for hemorrhoids treatment. This natural home remedy is known to cure the piles well by reducing the pain, itchy, burn sensation.

Bathing Salt

Epsom salt is well-known for its relaxing and soothing effect. Therefore, many people add it to their bathtub to get that effect. By using it for bath, you also get health benefits for your skin. It smooths your skin. It also has exfoliating properties, which remove dead skin. In short, you can relax your mind, relieve your stress and improve your skin health.

Treat Constipation

Drink dissolved Epsom salt in a glass of water to treat constipation. This is the only effect you can get from taking orally or Epsom salt you can drink. And, you must remember, Epsom salt tastes bitter. So, you might need to add other ingredients, such as lemon juice or honey, to reduce the bitterness. Epsom salts laxative effect is also quite fast. It will stimulate your bowel just after 30 minutes to 6 hours after you take it.

Sitz Bath

The relaxing effect and anti-inflammation properties also make Epsom salt become one of the best ingredients to add in the Sitz bath. With just ½ cup of Epsom salt, you will get the benefits you need.

Bug Bite Relief

Mix ½ cup of Epsom salt in ½ cup of hot water. Mix it well, and put this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it on the affected area. And, it will reduce the itch and inflammation caused by the bug bite.

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Those are several things you need to know about Epsom salt and how to use it for several purposes. Ensure that you use the correct amount to get the best effect.

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